A Map Maker's 4.0 Editor Wishlist

I’ve been using the editor for quite some time now (around a year, time flies huh?) and I really couldn’t help find some things that I wish could be changed in 4.0’s editor.

  • Naming conventions. Oh dear God do I hate what certain things are called in the current editor. Here’s an example:
    The metal detector is labeled under “Baggage”…What? Why not “Detector” or hell, label it under “Security”? Stuff like this is pretty common for the normal editor, and it’s incredibly annoying when you know the object you’re looking for, but not it’s name.
  • Perhaps a new of making cities, there isn’t anything wrong for the current way- but why not add a grid system that makes it much easier to make cities? Now this is assuming that 4.0 will still use the Small/Medium/Large/Insane map creation system as apposed to a custom tile based one. Essentially this grid would snap objects together and make everything look neater and make larger cities’ creation faster.
  • Randomized furniture inside houses; I do remember Nelson mentioned this once for 3.0, but why not for 4.0? I think this could be a pretty nice addition because as of now adding furniture to houses takes ages, especially if it’s some sort of apartment complex.

That’s basically it- now obviously these are just requests, and I do know that suggesting things for the 4.0 editor now could be a wrong move because it’s still going to take lots of time to even get the base game ready, but hey, nothing wrong with a head start, right?


This is a good idea, but again, sometimes people want to make maps that give the feel of a post-apocoliptic feel with buildings leaning on eachother, half destroyed. Or an earthquake hit and made all the buildings lose ground.
However, it is a good idea to add a grid to the editor to make things easier. But it wouldn’t be as fun if it were forced on everyone using the editor. If there was an option to turn it on or off would be a great solution

I have been wanting this since ever! I really hope that when Nelson finishes the base of the game, he’ll add this to the editor

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the grid would be something you could turn on/off depending on what area youre creating. It wouldn’t be forced on because that would kill most ideas of map makers.


Yes to all of these.

i’d also love if we got a multiplayer editor (which im afraid it would be hard as hell to code) to make map editing a lot more fun and easier :thinking:

now i’ve been wondering, what will 4.0’s editor be like, devkit or legacy? both are fun to mess with…

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I guess we’ll find out when 4.0 is released

Most likely Devkit, except it’ll actually be complete and have every tool so you don’t have to use two separate editors.


sounds good!

Ambience based on location?

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will if he can add online with editor maybe like minecraft gamemode 1 it will be good !

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An online map editor? That would be pretty cool.

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Not to be rude, but this is an old post and you could have conveyed your support by just liking the post instead of making a comment.

Sorry I didn’t see that. It came up in my unread so…

I did the same thing XD, cause for whatever reason, I forgot to check the date as well XD

Personally it’s really hard to make a map based of a real place atleast the terrain. So if Nelson could some how figure out a way of making it easier for content creators to make real life terrain without having to go throw the troubles of using a height map then that’d be great for all content creators

I’d also like to see an easier way to change resources details and materials based on areas of the map. And a way to select multiple objects (say a house and all its furnishings) and save it as your own object on the list. I’d also like object icons to the object list to make it waaaayyyy easier to find stuff

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