A map that combines all of the current vanilla maps (basically an insanely large map)

Most likely not possible (but i can dream) Even if its rough, not good transitioning i feel like it could be a cool idea playing survival or multiplayer could be cool and a total pain at the same time.

Much more rare items could be kept in bases making finding a base to raid much more rewarding. All the maps would be just like they are individually so per map strategies for collecting loot could be used so some maps would be less of an intrest point (Yukon for example) even if the player limit was brought to 48 like some servers have it.

Well its not like we know for sure the unturned earth is the same as irl, and im pretty sure some maps/countries that arent even near each other have borders and lore in game so it could happen.

Some positive things this could bring. Players would not be short of cars since respawning would have a large chance to bring you to an unexplored area (a limit of how many one person can lock should be introduced just in case). Maps could be updated with new lore and changes only found in the combined map making playing there a totally new expierience. Perhaps even make lore locked items (the best guns you get all come broken, not 0% but just not working and you need to find the military codes for a bunker to find thier scematics and components that you need to fix them, idk). The map could be made more survival like (lower loot spawns to encourage exploring, since there would be a lot of places to explore).

Negatives could be dividing the playerbase, but most of the people who wouldnt play a map like that are unskilled players on x loot servers so its not that likely it would happen to a large extent


Eh I guess it would be cool to have maps with four to six regions, desert, with its own challenges and another African region with its own challenges, and ofcourse it needs a large player base, maybe 40-50, but what would be more interesting is how will people interact with each other.

But to make a good map like this will literally take years and years of hard work, it will be very unlikely to happen in unturned toe sadly.

I had the idea of merging multiple official maps into one for a while now (just like a lot of others probably).
There used to be a few issues that would make the experience very unpleasant like how loading bases would make the game freeze.

As far as I know there is only a certain amount of “chunks” per map - regardless of the size. So a small map would load everything within a certain chunk whilst on HUGE maps these chunks are bigger so it would have to load in way more at once. Recently the way of loading structures and barricades have been reworked so that its way more optimized now and I havent had a single freeze on any server since that.

Is there any other complications that could come up. Possibly there is some experienced map creators here (cough cough danaby) that could help with pointing these out


hi, its me :smiley:



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I’m no map dev but things that are possible?

  1. copying spawns, objects, and loottables would be easy as fuck

things that seem impossible?

  1. copy pasting the terrain heightmap sounds impossible.

things that are 100% impossible

  1. you can only have one skybox for dusk/evening/dawn/night, and all the maps have different skyboxs (thus it would be visually inconsistent). AFAIK there’s no way to have per-area skybox colors.