A map that you've seen before!


I’ve completed the resource and nature portion of the map, kind of. I am still going to be changing it here and there, but I have a set of different trees and resources

So I’ve started making objects and building onto the world that I have, and I’ve come into some road blocks that I need to make my way around. So that’s why I am here, for some help.


I’ve created a house, and it’s gingerbread house. I was wondering if every building/house should be gingerbread, only the cold biome should have gingerbread buildings.

  • Ginger bread houses and buildings all throughout
  • Ginger bread houses (no ginger bread buildings)
  • Ginger bread houses and buildings (only in chocolate mountains)

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I’ll have an update on items and weapons in the weeks to come. Thanks for checking back in!


now this is pretty cool gamers, also that bridge looks really neat

Edit: I just saw that oreo in the first pic and idk why but that makes me really happy


damn this is nice


Only in the mountains just cuz variety is cool, and i wanna see what else you come up with. Unless you just end up using default buildings, then keep them all gingerbread.

Really cool looking though! Can’t wait to play it.


So splendid! I love the work so far! I don’t have much to suggest, but a little thing would be to add some wacky re-textures to guns, like the Nyanfire
idk, something unique and fun like that, but obviously more wonder-land styled or what not



Most of my weapons will be custom and candy themed. I will be re-skinning one weapon, because it’s only fitting.


You need an airplane crashed into the mountains

call it the “Sugar-Crash”

Comedic drum sounds


Cake house? wdyt


me likey

Maybe a motel made inside a giant chocolate bar, with each square of chocolate a room.


you have no idea how much chocolate is already on the map


How about an office building inside a giant marshmallow?


some of these ideas are ridiculous
that’s saying something coming from me


A convenience store inside a huge banana split,

A power station being fueled entirely on corn syrup,

Fire hydrants made of ice cream,

A sawmill that cuts using a sharpened cookie,

I could go on.