A Map Unlike Anything That You Have Ever Seen

Welcome To Candyland!

I started making a map that is completely made of candy and I’m gonna do some progress reports every once in a while, so here’s what I have so far!

For the environment, I have two biomes. the pink candy grass lands (above) and the brown choco mountains (below)

So far, all I really have is resources and environment objects such as the chocolate boulders and the cherry on top of the mountain. I have objects planned for a city and various locations, but I haven’t got into location production yet. I have a list of all of the stuff I have made here, you can skip it if you’d like. Idfk how to make a drop down so rip.

  1. Resources
  • Cotton Candy Trees (Blue and Pink)
  • Lolli Pop Tree (red/white variety)
  • Candy cane tree
  • Popsicle Tree (Chocolate flavor)
  • Marshmallow bush (Harvestable)
  • Licorice bush (Red)
  1. Objects
  • Chocolate boulders (5)
  • Cherry on top
  1. Items
  • Candy Cane (you can lick it in a spear and kill your enemies)
  • Candy Cane Spear
  • Marshmallow
  • Cooked Marshmallow
  • Burnt Marshmallow

This post here is really just made so that you guys can help me out with more ideas for the environment like trees and resources. It would be much appreciated if you guys helped me out with stuff like that.

Thanks for checking in! :sunglasses::sunglasses:



Looks good, but you are right, it is rather strange…


I’m gonna vore this map


cocco mountain

Nelson, get this map official status



@Azzaholic how many drugs were you on when you made this, and can I have some?

here, wear these image

That’s gotta be the best thing I’ve heard in a while

I just got a diabetic related disease science can’t explain.

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sorry, I already have diabetes and the season 4 battlepass.

but alas, it looks cool.

Would you be able to eat the enviorment or make a house of it, will the zombies or enemies be eatable ? Is the water just water , costum candy vehicles(working whit soda)?? Candy SMG? Candy Clothes?

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most of the items you get from the map are edible, but candy isn’t so healthy, so it’s mostly used for crafting weapons (like candy cane spears) or to make ammunition for guns like the marshmallows for the marshmallow gun. etc.

Not sure how I can incorporate vehicles but we’ll see down the line. I like the idea for coke power.

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A lake of molasses. Bubblegum infected, banana-NPCs and an angry candy castle boss.

I wouldn’t sugarcoat it, but this is frickin’ sweet.

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yes, it is unlike any map we’ve ever seen
no hunger problems, instead we have diabetes problems

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I’ve always wanted to see some more wacky stuff in the game, especially things like this. Keep it up!~ ^w^

edit: and keep us updated owo


looks mad good. Hope we get more unrealistic maps like this

If the vehicle blows up, it could drop edible components.

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