A More Complex Crafting

Should 4.x have the same crafting style of 3.x? Because I feel like there should be more work and “grind” for items you can craft and get a better advantage from them. Like different types workbenches to make many different things.

What can you come up with?


I want a blueprint system and a workbench.

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Maybe like in Minecraft or in 2.0 where you don’t know what you can make and have to have a certain work bench (like you said) and have the things in the correct order. This might be difficult for people though as some recipes might take forever to figure out.

2.x is very confuse, soething like minecraft would be better

Isn’t minecraft crafting the same thing as in 2.0 but harder because you gotta memorize the crafting pattern and need more components :thinking:

It’s basically like Unturned 3 now, actually. They added a method of viewing recipes you can make.

Hiding what people can craft is definitely not going to help with making the game intuitive. The current system is fine but some crafting benches, furnaces, and similar things could make it better.

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Somehow I never understood how 2.x crafting works

It makes more sense if you’re on acid.

Adding more crafting complication and various stations would really only work if the game becomes a complicated scrap fest and the simplicity of current items and crafting is dropped.

I think a minecraft and or H1Z1 crafting system would work amazing for this game go back to unturned 2.0 :slight_smile:

I would prefer to keep the 1.x style of crafting.

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Mutliple posts have been made rafarding this and many have suggested multiplying the amount of items needed to craft something such as wooden walls which would require 6 longs instead of 3. Or a makeshift gun which would require a trigger, a barrel, gunpowder, and all that shit

Component system, more tools, more blueprints, and/or workbenches.

What happened to make you mess up regarding!?

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I was half asleep when i typed that. Don’t judge me xD

A and E isn’t, which is what actually concerned me. @Kylie needs to sleep more!


I have a fucked up sleeping schedule. What can i say? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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In xbox and mobile, not pc.
Edit: forgot about the crafting book feature