A Name for a Survival Game

As some of you guys may know, I’m working in a survival game, and I’m really proud of what I’m getting and I’m enjoying the experience of creating a game on the Unreal Engine. But creating a name for this game is tha hardest part for me. I thought that Forgotten or Endure would be good names, and theyvare, but there’s already games with those names.

So I’m here to listen to you guys:
How my game should be called?

And, in this week, I will show what I got in my first week developing my game.

I’m terrible with names sorry xd

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the undertaking

i’m not good with names either

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Stan Versus Everything Else.

have the name be related to the setting.

Unturned is about a world where everyone else turned into zombies
The Long Dark is about a harsh winter after a global blackout
Stranded Deep is about a person stranded in the ocean
The list could go on and on

Something related to the player, like unturned (the one that did not turn), or forgotten. Buts as my english is not that good, I’m having difficult with that.

Oh jeeze I just realised the titles rhymes.

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The Player Element


Well, give us some context on the game and we may just find out.

Say, any particular meaning to the game? Special significance? Exa.

Is the game multiplayer or singleplayer?

Multiplayer, maybe an Story Mode later, when I get enough experience to do make it.

Can you show use footage so we get some ideas

I suggest providing the lore of your survival game.

I think that the game should be called “AfterDusk”, “ExiledReality” or “DeadParadaise”!

We can’t really name you anything related to what your game looks like (or what it gives out) if you didn’t provided us so.

Personally I’d go with “My life as an uninfected” but you do you :^)

Could name it based on your game’s uniqueness

Otherwise go for a generic name. You can rename it later once you got to the later stages of development

I’ back baby! And the game already has a name: For Mercy.
And I’m also exited about the movement system. I have just finished the foot placement system.


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