A new game from Mojang

Hey Guys! Mojang is developing a new mobile game. Basically it’s like Pokémon Go but with Minecraft mobs, blocks, style and other things. Here you can collect mobs and blocks to build a different structures with your friends or without them and explore the world.

Here’s a trailer:

If you are interested, register at minecraft.net/earth to have a chance to participiate in closed beta!

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Wasn’t this announced back in like early May? Either way seems pretty cool


I really want a herobrine easter egg


It was but there wasn’t a proper gameplay trailer

why the fuck are items called “tapables” that is like the weirdest shit ever. Like did the big suits are microsoft walk in and say “our charts show that adding ‘ables’ to the end of an action is a thing people enjoy”. Bruh “tapables” fuck that word man I hate it so much.

be like if pokemon in pokemon go were called catchables

Sniff snoof

I smell micro transaction
And it’s coming from that Minecraft chest


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