A New Person's Guide To SDG Forums

Hello, aspiring survivor! Today we will give you the tips you need to not make a fool of your self on the forums!
Step 1, be off topic like this gentleman.

Step 2, do what Nelson or any other mod says.

This concludes our guide!
Leave your tips bellow!


wow that was very informative, thanks!

is this a parody of my guide


Instructions unclear

Yeah I know, I didn’t understand them at first eather.

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Finish it, I dare you.

LuL I think 4.x beta will be out by 2 weeks btw

Yes I know this is crap, I tried. Also realising now its meant to be step 1


Instructions unclear, i think I made a new SDG website by mistake

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fucking uwu

Greece update 3 XDDD

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you forgot one rule… dont end up like a shitposter like me :stuck_out_tongue: