A not-so-sneak peak of the map I've been working on


Hi there.

So, it has been about half a year (or more) since I start making this “map” that I started as a sarcasm. I haven’t really done everything much but I’ve made some of the locations. And some of those are already completed, let’s take a look.

This is one of the “camp” equivalent of my map, as you can see I’ve use some of the ireland’s objects, and if you look closely, I haven’t detailed the mountain yet. (Trying to learn doing that, it’s harder than it’s look.)

This is one of the town that will be in the map, as you can see there is no road, and again. Alot of ireland’s objects. As of vehicle spawn I’m planning to add a bicycle, or maybe something else. (As soon as I figure out how to make such thing.)

This is one of the farms that will be in the map, again, no roads. And you’d be really pissed if I told you that this contains compound objects. At least just the pillars. (No plz don’t hurt me.)

This is a mine, I haven’t polished it well enough so it’s looks like crap. And if you’re wondering, yes. You can explore the tunnel. (No pictures.)

This is one out of two of the harbors, as you can see it’s looks really cramped because it’s actually a bazaar. (maybe if I figure out how to make a boat, I’ll put it here.)

This is one of the area you’ll find in the map. It’s pretty much like deadzone, except you need flashlight or headlamp to explore. As of the “actual radioactive deadzone” will be within this area.

This is one of the “makeshift” survivors camp. I’m not really good at detailing so you’d see that it’s pretty… plain. And I haven’t detail the mountains here yet.

And this is one of the “military” location, as you can see I’ve use compound objects again. (frick) and zombies here looks extremely weird.

That’s for the locations, I’ve also done some “stuffs” for the map aswell.

This is one of the “food” item you’d unlikely find while looting at counters, stores, anywhere with food. It’s pretty much like russian roulette. If you’re lucky it would acts like MRE, but if you not… You know what? I won’t spoil the surprise.

This is probably one of the weapon you’d find here, as you can see I suck at unity so the arrow is floating below where it should’ve been, and aiming is just weird. But overalls it can shoots arrow. (Also the Icon is messed up.)

Ok that’s what I’ve done for 6 bloody months. Not really much, but considered that I’ve to do something else IRL (Yes, corpses have their real life.) So I won’t be able to make this that much. (But the “camp” in the first picture is made within this weakend.)

Besides the map. I’m also writing a novel. (Yep, shock horror. That isn’t sarcasm.) Again, I’ve wrote 3 chapters by far, and it’s sucks so I would’ve to re-check everything once it has been done. I wouldn’t want to stick with these projects all time so expecting these to be publish when 4.0 is out like a year or so. (Especially the map.)

Any thoughts?


(If you have a magical way (or guide, videos.) to make me learn blender or unity. Please help, I’m pull my hair just by trying to learn them by myself.)


Move the magazine hook up.

Add camera component to icon. Center camera. Remove camera.


*insert autistic screeching here *


This also reminded me something. I HAD A MAP TOO.

About the floating arrow, could you just move the magazine up?


The zombie in the first image looks like Shrek.


Very nice! ^w^


I’m not sure what graphics you’re running, but the map looks empty in a few of the shots. Be sure to fix that. And get rid of the compound by learning Blender/Unity as you stated. There are numerous discord servers dedicated to learning for Unturned.

The map looks decent but it doesn’t have a “flair” to it. It lacks a unique personality or atmosphere.
Russia has a dark but still enjoyable atmosphere.
Yukon has a cold and unforgiving atmosphere.
PEI has a sunny and happy atmosphere.

You get all these impressions just by looking at the map. When I look at your map I just think “Someone is recreating Ireland with their own stuff.”


whoo, nice.


fuck, i should really get to work on my map


Damn, I rarely say, but it looks very good! I kind of agree to what Animatic said, it looks stale. Try to get some fun find lightning and fog, because fog can do a lot of atmosphere if done right


Unity’s XYZ are weird. But I’ll try that.

So you just make a camera. Center the object. And then delete the same camera? If not please tell.

@Harvest Don’t worry. There’s only like 5 cases of using that. I’m not planning to make destruction map an entire city out of compound objects… yet.

@EAFXD Again. Last time I remember setting it I forgot which axis is “up”

@Greenbloxs oh yeah it does looks like shrek. I didn’t intented to do that.
@RainOfPain125 @stuttgart_flugart Thanks.

I use the lowest graphic because that’s what people likely going to use. And that my computer kinda sucks.

Anyhow. It is pretty empty. I haven’t connecting the roads and spamming trees yet. And as I’ve stated I still haven’t decorate pretty much everything outside “marked” locations.

As of compound objects. As soon as I learn to make objects “properly” I’ll replace them soon. (Except the pillars.) Also it would be nice if you could name a few of those discords.

As of the atmosphere. I’m planning to make jolly-o-rotten happy atmosphere. But also combined the dark spooky misty atmosphere. (I know. They don’t mixed. But that’s what I’ve planned.)

Again. This map is “almost-half” inspired by Ireland’s “medievalish” theme. And I’m trying to make this make extremely hard to pvping and focusing mainly on “how to not die”

It’s gonna get a little-wee bit weird in this map.

Yeah it does look stale. I’ll try “experimenting” with the lighting when I have a chance to do so.


You center the camera, not the object.


Just be careful on how many compound objects you use. Anyways looks good


I get reminded of this Mexican chicken soup I ate in Utah once. Not sure if that’s negative or positive.


I like. The compound objects you did weren’t too over the top and as long as it’s going to workshop, it wouldn’t matter - this map already looks better than 90% of what the workshop has to offer. Also is the map medium or large?


It is a large size map.

I was originally planned to make it insane size. But that seems to be overused nowdays. Also because I’m lazy.


I’m conquering the comment section, this is just another useless one of mine.

Btw nice map :wink: