A pack of zombies ideas to discuss

I Have ideas to transform zombies in 4.0 in things of kill ambulants.
i write in topics because my english…


stealthy atack

  • add a style of mechanism to execult a zombie from behind with a knife ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Its serious ok) this need time like 2 or 3 seconds and dont affect boss zombies

Zombies in 4.0

Normal Zombie

  • Slowly you when you approach or is atacked by the same. (decrease you speed)
  • Increase Your Speed and damage.

“Boss” Zombie

  • Comes with two or more aleatory “specials”
  • One visible like in 3.0 (Fire/shock/jump…)
  • One invisible and most powerfull maybe letal (like running of armored titan in shingeki no kyojin/Protection In Parts/Power to call other zombies/evoque other zombies etc…)
  • And the rock standard.

“Invisible” Zombie

“Horde Zombies”

  • Go start run when find a player

“Fire” Zombie

  • ADD a timer to explode
  • In Case of target inatingible spits fire

“Toxic” Zombie

  • A explosion call adjacent zombies affected by the same

New Mecanisms
“Patrol Zombies”

  • The AI of common zombies change position of time in time maybe 5 min in 5 or more.

Other thing zombies go spawn exiting of the floor please nelson is more realistic!! in 3.0 hes just spawn

Acho que se você digitou sua postagem em inglês e em português, alguém que conheça os dois idiomas pode traduzir melhor sua postagem original em português. Existem usuários neste fórum que conhecem bem ambos os idiomas.

I think if you typed your post in both English and Portuguese, someone who knows both languages can better translate your original Portuguese post. There are users on this forum that know both languages well.


This. OP’s translation service isn’t the best and leads to strange ideas sounding even worse when nobody can understand them.

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Are you brazilian?

No haha, but I’m a Canadian with access to several translation services like Reverso. I have a pretty diverse nationality mix but Brazilian is definitely not one of them.

(Google Translate can screw off)

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