A possible solution for a building/salvaging issue

Most people here (or at least me) doesn’t expect carrying entire walls and platforms structures in your backpack, so a solution some people thought out to balance this (including myself) was that salvaging structures gives your materials back instead of the entire buildable.

It’s a good idea, actually, until I’ve thought further on this:

salvaging structures gives your materials back

Then I asked myself: is this realistic? I mean, just the materials? Keeping simplicity angle, it may be, but not enough. There can be a better way…

So I’ve figured out a better solution while I was playing Unturned 2.2.5 (yes, I still play it), and I thought that it could be very plausible and practical to bring these buddies back:

Building components

Plates, frames, supports and crosses from each material tier as components to build structures. In U2.2.5 there was only from wood and stone (some of which used wooden supplies too), but in UII I hope to see these also made with metal and/or brick parts, or other materials.

I’ve also included the bolts, as these might be necessary again in the future. There might be much more other supplies added as well.

Why would you want to bring these back?

  • Building animation: it would be really neat if when building you can see each component being placed as you continue arming it until the whole structure is done.

  • Realistic disassemble: you could salvage your structure and get the components back, and some of the supplies. For obtaining just a few amount of the materials used, I think that these would have to be damaged (as in 3.x) and destroyed instead.

  • Upgrades convenience: this system could be useful for upgrading structures without salvaging them, as you could just bring the right components and atttaching them to the existant ones. It this doesn’t fit, then it could be made that just some old components are removed before placing the new ones and not all of them.

  • Wider and smarter crafting: just bringing a lot of logs and sticking them together gets old and isn’t really accurate. Having components like this could make a better based crafting and leave less space for committing mistakes, also assorting much more available recipes for buildables in general, having more possible combinations of these components, making each structure piece to have an unique sense.

  • Grinding importance: inevitably, this system will make resources grinding more substantial, slightly balancing gameplay pace.

  • Modular structure health: Idk if this has even been considered, but building like this could make it possible, being of very big importance for raiding and structure repairing; it isn’t the same to damage the flat plates of a wall than breaking its supports.

If I’m missing something or you have more ideas, please comment. I’m really curious about your feedback, as building is something that concerns everyone!

  • I like all your ideas. Pretty realistic and useful.
  • Maybe if we change some stuff… (comment)
  • There’s still an issue with… (comment)
  • I don’t agree with this. Not the kind of rework I’d like

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The current plan is for their to be a single item, similar to Rust’s building plan. Wouldn’t make sense if salvaging structures gave you the entire structure to begin with. Imo it’ll probably just be materials/components.

It would.

Sure, but for “fewer materials” it should be still be like how it is in Unturned 3 (materials given if structure salvaged while sufficiently damaged).

It doesn’t sound like your idea makes it more convenient. It sounds like your idea would actually involve more salvaging overall (due to the increase of pieces).

I fail to see the wider applications, tbh. I think you’re using the wrong word here, and really mean “More modularity/personalization/customization.”

Just edited that part.

What you commented is basically what I’m proposing, and I’m thinking on it on a way that it doesn’t enter in conflict with my ideas exposed here.

If you read carefully, I actually meant that.

I saw someone who suggested that initial structures would be made of wood as starter material, then reinforcements or direct upgrades based on that material, but mixed with another could be added. That’s what I meant.

In fact no, as most buildables will be more likely predefined, as it has always been. What I meant with this is that the components for the pics won’t just be used for a default category of buildables; in U2.2.5 components shown are the base of almost every single buildable made of these materials, so I’d like UII to work in the same fashion.

:question: You definitely said they’d have to be destroyed, not just “damaged.”

They shouldn’t drop anything if destroyed. They should drop stuff if they’re salvaged after taking sufficient amounts of damage.

Given the wording and rest of the sentence, “wider applications” would imply that the current system’s recipes for buildables is limited, which doesn’t make sense.

If it was meant to mean that being able to replace individual sections/parts of a wall/roof/etc. is possible, that’s still not “wider application.”

Giving something wider application would be giving more uses to something. Making logs usable as fuel would be wider application.

This isn’t widespread application. Logs, metal sheets, etc. are already used for basically every buildable. Having to turn logs into components doesn’t increase its application. If anything, it decreases the decreases the potential application of individual building materials. Going from logs to specific components that, even if are pretty generalized, still won’t cover as much as logs do.

Not a bad thing, given how wood and metal is overused if anything, but “wider application” isn’t correct.

Alright, it’s all corrected, happy?

Now put that boosted ego down and get your hands up :gun:

Jokes aside, I was somewhat tired at the moment, so the semi-braindead wording, lol.


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