A question about Karma

So, I haven’t read the roadmap in a while and if this is addressed I will amend myself. I am curious on how the Karma system may work if it is implemented in Unturned II. In our current Unturned it can be rather unreliable, with only surefire way to get a positive reputation being bandaging people, which is very time consuming. I’ve had instances where I’ve been attacked and gone up by 20 reputation, and others where I have gone down without a clear reason why. I like helping people out in the world but newer players are far more likely to shoot at you if they see you are a villain for defending yourself. I have a couple of suggestions for this.

  • A player who has killed another player could have a cool down timer where someone can avenge said player and claim positive reputation. This doesn’t apply if the person who killed someone was shot at first.
  • As a fun gimmick (and I’m aware this probably wouldn’t work) regions could be created and the game can track how much time and how many kills a player has gotten in said region. Once it reaches a certain threshold, the player can be seen as a bandit camping a certain area. This way a hostile player who camps some kind of loot spawn, for example, military would have a reputation award for being killed.

I thought these would bring a players reputation more into gameplay so people can know who to trust, and people don’t just become villains because they had to defend themselves. I’ll say this again, I know you’re supposed to receive reputation when you kill an aggressive player but this only seems to be a 50-50 on whether it works or not. Thanks for reading : )


In the future—please don’t post suggestions or other such general discussion in the support categories.

Thank you!