A question

I’m just asking a question.

Why can’t nelson provide a code to everyone who is hyped about the game? I mean, it’s just a really good way to get feedback, if anything.

Also, I know that at one point there is going to be a public release, but still.

Because it ruins the hype for the full release. Think about this, everyone gets a code for it, and then nobody really cares when new stuff happens, because they burned off the hype in a buggy and few featured game.


It’s good to start small when you have barely a game. For Unturned II, you don’t need thousands of people suggesting what to do next from what’s available in this tiny vehicle/seasons demo, just a small bunch giving out constructive feedback that he can easily focus on.

Sometimes with tens of thousands of people, they can jump to conclusions quickly and may be irritable for reasons I can’t come up with, which in other words means that mass feedback with no generally preferred areas to work with ain’t the best choice.

As what the above said, it ruins the hype for the new game as it may gradually wear people off from the game and slowly get less interested in the game. One big surprise is better than several consecutive small showcases.

On the bright side, being an active follower can be beneficial and keeps you interested (Reading devlogs, seeing beta images from others, asking questions, etc.). From experience, the majority of the community are generally ignoring news or important information.


Yeah I wanted to say all that, but was too lazy to do so.


If he wanted a lot of people to play/be hyped about the game, he’d make a visually badass cinematic trailer and get a few beta testers.

Or also because the game isn’t ready

And when a game isn’t ready, like most of the comments above, Nelson will get mass feedback.

Thats what DayZ did and now its a dying game. You shouldnt give out a game like this to everyone because it decays before even being released. This is explained pretty well in SovietWomble’s new video essay (patreon only right now :\ )

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  1. Product keys have to be requested from Steam.
  2. There is no game. It’s incredibly early in-development. Nelson doesn’t want random people getting on and complaining about the lack of a game rather than giving feedback.

I said


This is the big one. Dealing with a smaller, more professional internal group that probably have better PCs than the average player and is better at troubleshooting external issues, it takes a lot of pressure off of the dev. Plus a lot of people would be unhappy if Nelson released what is essentially a glorified tech demo and most of the community calls it a ‘beta’, as it lacks most of the content that’ll appear in an actual beta.

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