A rather cool map idea

Not sure if this has already been done but, picture a map where all gas stations, oil depots and reserves have been deprived and fully run out out of oil, the only way to aquire oil is to create a jackpump and produce your own oil, though the catch is that there is only 1 oilfield on the entire map where oil can be pumped, with the map having POI’s that are only accessable by vehicles and oil having a bigger impact on the game ( E.G needing oil to power certain areas and a critical resource to own )this single oilfield would see alot of action as people would do everything in their power to seize and claim to field, oil would be able to be put in barrels and sold, if multiple factions had control over the field a market would arise or if only 1 faction did they would have a monopoly over oil which they could sell at a high price or keep to themselves leading to wars.

Something to think about :wink:


okay okay, now how about a map that has a dead zone and only there you will find food, and weapons that are effective for killing players but you will have to choose what to take guns or food and make food items to take up larger space in inventory so its harder to decide what to take, also small inventory spaces. so your priority is to find or make a gas mask. also, cram houses full of zombies so it’s harder to loot and defeat zombies. Making it happen! also, give the map a apocalypse feel

the only place were food is accesable is in a deadzone?


The USA describing the middle east


i knew you were gonna say this

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Oh wow this idea is pretty neat.

But generators in this map should waste less fuel.


Yeah that’s a big no no.


What is see over the idea is this:

1.- Players frustrate to play because the mayority of them are kids.
2.- At most 3 or 4 groups dominate the map and are the only ones able to even craft a secure base
3.- Server gets empty in less than 2 weeks

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  1. ???
  2. Everyone can build a secure base
  3. Thats already happening to every Unturned server

so if you don’t have a gasmask yet, you’re forced to starve to death???

this reminds me of that fun mechanic on yukon where you’d spawn in during a blizzard and immediately start dying because you were naked

this isnt fun


well the fix for that would be spawning inside buildings but those would probably result in players blocking up exits as well as players that are looting having the chance of being suprised attacked

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and what exactly would that fix? you’d spawn in a building and just sit there until the blizzard ended?

loot the building for clothes but ok I see what you mean

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