A simple idea for the secondary slot

not sure if this is a good idea or something totally unnecessary.
(first off, bare with me idk how to put it out properly) I thought about “splitting” the secondary slot into two slots, those two slots will be both taken if a pistol or a two handed melee weapon is equiped, but if a knife is equiped you’re able to hold something else (e.g. a flashlight, a flare, or maybe a walkie talkie).

like I said, seems totally unnecessary and probably not gonna be used a lot but I personally like things like that, and I wanted to see everyone’s thoughts about it.

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Dual wielding has been heavily suggested and discussed many times, though I can’t assure yet if it’s planned or not.

however, I get your idea and I think that actually there should be a third slot instead of a divisible secondary one. Or maybe even 4 slots, like in Escape From Tarkov (so forementioned here… I love it), on which 2 are for main guns, 1 for secondary gun and the last one for the melee weapon.

As there in Unturned dual wielding could be applied and also there will be heavy melee weapons/tools (two-handed), 3rd and 4th slots can contain either one-handed melee weapons, tools (such as flashlights, blowtorches, etc) and guns, while the main 2 slots can hold either primary guns or heavy melee/tools.

However, this would also imply that you’ll need clothes to holster all that stuff: as logic, if you’re naked, you could barely carry and holster a single weapon or tool in your hands. So like that, you would need to wear clothes with proper pockets/holsters to unlock additional slots.

This would also apply to any single item that the player want to have a quick access on (keybinding it, as in 3.x works), since looking in your backpack takes time, which can be substantial to save in a distress situation.

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Actually like this idea. It makes sense, with the dual welding Nelson has planned. So this should work!

Technically already partially implemented and has been since Devlog 3 or so, although not a priority to finish atm. Assure away, at that point.

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I like this idea but…

I have already suggested it :neutral_face: .

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I could actually take both ideas and make a more developed post in nearly future, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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