A simple question: why no sharks?

I’m sure that this has been asked many times, but couldn’t find an official or at least a reliable answer to it, so I’ll try my luck here.
I’m speaking of course about a hostile animal Npc that swims in the water (shark is the most common idea, but it could be anything) and that can attack players. Does anyone know why this never got added in the game?


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Having an AI that moves throughout water not just the seabed or the surface, but stays out of the air and avoids collision with the ground is actually pretty difficult to make, and not worthwhile since he’s moving on from 3.X. That was the only explanation I heard, though I don’t remember how official the source was.

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A simple answer: nobody wants them.

We need sharks to protecc the blueberries island.

In all seriousness tho. I think the idea of sharks attacks is rather… off.
Personaly, I think if you either provoke it, 25/75 chances or that you’re bleeding is when it should attacks you. Altho again. It’s a clichè.

A question you would say to any kind of animal not in the game


Doesn’t explain why he didn’t add them earlier, but thanks for passing the rumors

I hardly belive that. o.O
Like, Nelson asked “sharks in or out” and everybody in the community (everybody except one cus I didn’t knew this happened) yelled a big NO?
If yes, can you show a link with such information? I also remind you that with this topic I’m asking specifically for the reason why they never got added, if there is any, and not for personal opinions based on preferences.

Why tho, land hostile animals got added and they were cool.

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Because it was extremely far back on the backlog and at this point just likely won’t be added at all, as Nelson has no intentions on really doing that type of an update for Unturned 3, given the current circumstances.


So they were planned like on the trello or similar? And thanks for the answer, I’ll take this as 99% valid since it’s said from you.

Too bad tho

They were a GitHub issue, mostly due to M2m constantly asking Nelson for them, for Hawaii.

What I read in your sentence is: “Since the M2m team annoyed Nelson to death with the sharks request, he purposely chosed not to add them”. But my interpretation might be wrong.
Oh well…

Anyway, thanks for the details ;D

you know sharks dont actually purposely eat people right?.,… they only usually attack if your laying on a surfboard because you look like a turtle to them. Yes there is the occasional man eater, the same with every predatory species. Yeah.

Sure I did, but thanks for the feedback,