A simple suggestion? (HMG Box)

Quick post so I won’t regret for postponing and forgetting it later.
-Add the ability to refill the HMG Box with Low Cal Ranger ammo box?
Since on Russia the mili boxes are really hard to come by, and tbh I dont get why a HMG under a Russian gunship is refilled by mili ammo, else than balancing the Hind with its ammo’s rarity. What do you people think?

Yeah, fair enough

Or we could get a Hind box which is filled in ranger and keep the normal hmg box as it is.

Viable, but it’s just complicating things more. Seeing it being refillable via both ammo type seems a better way, else Nelson has to spend more effort on creating a new item instead of just a simpler method.

I think attack helicopter’s (or hind) HMG box shouldn’t be refilled with ranger ammo due to it being more abusive to basically every situations (killing zombie, killing people, base raiding, etc).

But then again, that’s just in my opinion.