A Small Post on Prone

Go from this:

To this:

(Also my first time using photoshop!)

Something like this would be effective in situations like when you are hiding, but your legs would be sticking out of very thin structures…

It would also fix some problems such as this.

Now you have something bigger to shoot at.

This animation would apply only if you prone and something is obstructing the player model from behind. It would also be very immersive for the fact your legs aren’t clip through the walls

  • Yes I want to lay on my back
  • Leave the animations alone

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I was also thinking about how your prone could be blocked, so you wouldn’t be able to freely spin around in tight spaces…

…your movement would only be restricted towards the direction you were facing when you entered prone.

And the only way to turn and look around is by getting up, either in a crouch or standing position.

  • Restrict prone movements in smaller areas
  • Prone is fine the way it is

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Leave some feedback! I’d like to hear your thoughts.


A little error in my grammar. Just so you wouldn’t be confused, the screenshots with the legs sticking out, represent the original prone mechanics.

Having a physical player model that does not cross the walls is not only interesting, but it is very good for the game and the muliplayer in general, as the player who is outside a structure cannot see what is inside. So, yes, it’s a really good idea.


ya lol I have killed a couple players thinking they where safe but the toes where sticking through a plate or wall.


I want to be able to lay on my back regardless of whether I’m restricted or not. Makes much more sense to crawl backwards on your back than inch yourself backwards on your stomach like a reverse snake.


I love everything about this, thank you.

all of these seem good until you realize you’d have to compromise on some major features to get them to work

good concept, no good way to implement it

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Of you implement the leg space thing, it would suck. Because your legs stick out so far, you wouldnt be able to look or aim in any tight space, and a considerable distance outside of the gap. If you are lying down in general you’d get stuck in a bunch of stupid ways, such as a table leg, or a rock. You would be able to look right if you are on the right side of a tree. You wouldn’t be able to turn next to a wall.

A solution to the leg thing is like what rainbow 6 siege and CS:GO do when a weapon sticks through geometry.

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Well, yes. You could make it work, not gonna be pretty tho.

  • a) When your movement is blocked and you move anyway you get forced into a different stance

  • b) When you move and your movement is blocked you get some audio-visual feedback (The good old “prone blocked” prompt)

  • c) (Probably the worst one) The game just ignores your input without any feedback

Obviously you’d want a toggle in the options

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Could press z to sit down and hold it to prone

Stances are already a thing. Don’t think sitting would need a share key bind with prone tho, I can see that being very annoying.

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