A small singleplayer-only skill suggestion

I’ve honestly only used Singleplayer as a testing ground for mods and crazy ideas, as well as exploring new maps, so it’d be much appreciated if there was a way to do /maxskills and upgrade everything to it’s maximum so I can run across towns and work at max efficiency without grinding out skills all day beforehand. Especially since I run a custom private map that’s just a flat blank area it’d be very helpful to not spend a minute or so typing in givexp commands and spending those individually.


Plez Recatergorized to 3.0
If I was still regular I would do it myself.
Edit: thanks, also, I like the idea.

Although adding a vanilla @maxskills command is entirely fair enough as a QoL suggestion…

Here’s a far better workaround:

  • @exp 90000
  • Ctrl + RMB each skill.

It takes ~15 seconds.

Then you never have to do it again, unless you reset the map. I keep my “Easy” difficulty mode settings all at Sandbox-y levels.

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asking for 4.0. Sorry if that was vague.

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