A small thing to discourage KOS

KOS(kill on sight) is pretty boring to most people.
So I think a small addition could be that a person dying would cause a bloodstain that the zombies can smell and go into a frenzy like sharks giving them stats and behaviour similar to full moon. coupled with the sound of a gunshot this should cause a large horde of frenzied zombies to attack the 10 year old who kills on sight, which will let mature players investigate people less riskily because they know they’re scared of the horde.

This probably wont completely remove KOS. Outside of cities there’ll still be little consequence to KOS (which is kind of a good thing, it is nice to have a bit of PVP but just not as the only thing) and some people would rather die than let someone live.


Maybe a kind of “bounty” value but for the zombies, the more peopne you kill, the more zombies will hear/“smell” you, and the more they will be dangerous.


the smell idea is actually good. but the zombies basically more smelly than the human. but i prefer large sound to attract zombies. maybe the smell will be good if affect only in small distance.

im going to unistall my life.exe on this forum if I see another kos post.

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The actual solution is to have an good game where people don’t feel like people the the greatest threat, something other to do than fight. Is survival is tough but enjoyable and you feel accomplished form say making it through winter. People won’t feel like the only entertainment they get is from combat and so not kos.


Someone finally said it.

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