A solution for the ultimate mac bug!

all unturned players who use a MAC know that there is a bug who doesn’t let you use you hotkey button(you cant switch items by using the button 1,2…9 but you need to go to your inventory to equip).
making players have the ability to change their controls for the hotkey!.(add hotkey’s to the controls setting and let players have the possibility to modifie them!)

Alternative suggestion: allow the scroll wheel to be used to scroll through hot-keyed items. Have it just be a toggle in the controls menu, similar to inverted controls.

yes but how to assign a third or fourt item?

Scroll your scroll wheel more.

but if you have 9 Hotkeys and only 2 basic slots and that you can assign an item to the 3 slot you will only have the 2 slots(and windows users will have 9 or 10 slots)

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

The scroll wheel can scroll indefinitely. Scroll the scroll wheel more to go from the first item to the second, and the second to the third, and the third to the fourth, and so on.

Is your original post actually asking for a different way to bind items to a hotkey, and not a way to rebind the controls that equip those binds?

i mean that the third and fourt item aren’t basicly asign (see this photo) you have only 2 basic slots and the third/fourt … are asign with the hotkeys that doesn’t work with the MAC