A Story I heard

It’s more of a rumor, but at steam dev days I heard of a conversation that went down between @SDGNelson and some other developer suggesting that he doesn’t create 4.0 as it would restart his playerbase.

Just had this on my mind and I thought I’d find out if it ever happened ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve never really thought about this… I don’t think the playerbase would be restarted, but when / if 4.0 is pushed to the main branch (when it’s ready, of course), I’m fairly certain that we will lose players but also gain players. You can’t keep everyone happy (I know a lot of people who hate literally every update), and some people also just don’t like change. However, the game will probably look a fair bit different, and this will probably attract a lot more players.

It could go bad, but it’ll probably go well.

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Well we did have an increased amount of active players in 3.0 compared to 2.0 according to steam charts. If large improvements were done and kinda satisfied a lot of people, maybe we could reach a little higher.

Basically we lose a few thousands, but gain tens of thousands afterwards