A stress skill against zombies

The skill of stress against the zombies will be a competence more you close to a zombies where you kill it and more you stress you will hear heartbeats and also tarsus of a hundred if there are many and also that one sees weapons in the back of a zombie or in front of luis with a line

I literally have no idea what you’re talking about, but…

Also this is post six six sixty-nine

im very confused with what your talking about… i’m also really curious who luis is. I would fix this topic and make it less confusing by not making it a run on sentence. afterwards when your finished fixing it… Consider the following;

Show it to you Literature Teacher

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Im not sure if we really need mental effects on the player, as you normally do have mental effects on the actual person controlling the player, because if zombies are scary/a force to be reckoned with you will be a little stressed normally. If stress was in the game, It would open the doors to other mental effects, like sleep deprivation and pain and such, which could be interesting, but I think we dont really need so many statistics.

Don’t see the point of this and I don’t know how the player is able to produce a mental attack to the zombie.


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