A suggestion involving radios

So I have been thinking about radios lately, and I have thought up a thing I personally, think would be cool to see in unturned 2 (Be it by mods or otherwise)

With the system of Unturned’s Walkie Talkies and Earpieces, I feel like additional radio communication would be an interesting feature. Like, for example, a ham radio. A user could create/use a radio channel at a radio tower, that could then be found on a radio, allowing for another form of communication. Also repeating messages would be an interesting part of this, allowing for players to find whatever the radio station’s signal is without someone broadcasting live at the time.

This could also be used in the scenario of a map maker creating a storyline, maybe they could set a radio message to be set repeating, and clue the player to the radio signal at some point, letting them lead them in whatever direction they choose without needing to tell them directly.

There could be multiple types of radios, with different ranges that they can pick up. Larger radios would probably require more power to run, and smaller radios such as solar powered/hand crank radios might have a harder time picking up a signal from a far distance.

On the note of radio communications, I also think that having another form of a walkie-talkie could be a headphone-with-microphone set up (that spawns very rarely at some military locations) would be a useful addition for anyone trying to use it effectively, Or for roleplay.

I realize that this might not be very practical, but I’d imagine it being a lot of fun. It might just be me, but I feel like this could create some interesting interaction between players, or make it more atmospheric for singleplayer.

a t m o s p h e r e


I like this idea but without the repeating message and also having to power it. Maybe the repeating idea would be swell if it was maybe a song that is repeating but i dont want to turn on my radio and here some kid say some cringy or something that is just annoying, that the only con besides ear rape i see :slight_smile:

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You make a good point, but for Rp experience it could also be great. Just shame people will abuse it. Maybe make it optional?

But overall i like this idea, would be nice if maybe you start to loose the signal if you are far away. Would also be nice if there only were say 15-20 channels that people could listen to, rather than the 500+ or so in unturned 3


I like the idea of making it optional, especially because I am sure a lot of servers wouldn’t have use for this kind of thing. I didn’t really think about people abusing it initially.

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Could easily be done through just a mod, radios are unnecessary when Discord exists already.

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Add static radios.

A classic yet clichè symbol of every zombie apocalypses.


I like this idea. How about the size of the radio doesnt matter that much but the antenna that you use for it maytters, for the range and “quality” of the sound you hear.

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If there was no chat in unturned, like no global chat, then voice talking would be the only way and you couldnt just give your discord to someone half way across the map :thinking:

I could assume a group could use that to transmit a safezone location to all players .
Or broadcast obscene things .

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“The safezone is between the machine gun nest and mortar pit. Don’t mind all the C4 we put over there it’s totally safe”

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The consensus of the current UII situation:
Person: Here’s a small idea
Everyone: Just make it a mod


Thats so true and so sad

If we’re getting 64 player servers, then the in-game voice and text chats will both need some work put into them.

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