A Topic so you can all beg for keys

Thought I’d make a post for concentrated key begging

Edit: Thank you we are near a singularity of key begging

Edit: Is there some way to mute the post?

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I bought Gold where’s my key lol?


ok noice


Nelson, I bought 2 unturned gold upgrades and a lot of crates, can I get a key?

Lol get rekt mate
firstly this is spebbys job
secondly, i have the keys for the car

Uh oh, a VERIFIED key owner has entered the topic and I’m here to destroy all of you with facts and knowledge.

Here it goes: you’re not getting keys lol :sunglasses:


No, you are lying! We will get those keys!

Nelson sent me a dm saying that I’m in charge of giving out keys now.

I’ll put you on the blacklist.


No, please! I want that key, unturned is my life, if I will not get that key, my life will be over.

thats gonna be an epic victory royale in my book


You’re evil!

I spent 1/16th of my life in this game, where my key >:(

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"Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it’s how we behave while we’re waiting. "

  • Joyce Meyer
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all of you under the age of 16 right?

Nelson wont give keys because none of you are responsible with a car

Be active and reg and nelsons hands over the keys

that’s a good analogy

I still didnt find my house key :sob::sob::sob: day 69 help


there’s no way he actually did that

I already made two threads for my key begging so I don’t even need this one :sunglasses:


alright listen here you li


danaby2 more like master bundles broke his map :sunglasses:

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Alright Liam, I’ll have you know that it wasn’t master bundles, instead it was the devkit.


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