A very simple idea: Map borders

Now, imagine this. You’ve just gotten a fighter jet. You want to enjoy it after putting all the effort into the fighter jet questline. You’re flying in the sky, thinking nothing will be able to bother you.
But then, you suddenly hit an invisible wall. Your jet is spinning around and you lost control of it, you’re heading down with an insane speed. You hit the ground, your jet explodes, and you die.

This has been a problem with 3.0 all along. You can’t really fly around the map without suddenly hitting an invisible wall and losing control of your vehicle. This has been a problem with many games, and it’s a problem with 3.0.

I have a couple ideas on how this can be fixed.

1. Damaging borders

Instead of map borders completely stopping you, they could damage you when you get out of the map. The further you go out in the border, the more damage you take. Then it turns into insta-death to prevent survival with infinite medical supplies.

2. Pushing borders

Instead of map borders completely stopping you, they could push you back the further you go out of the map. At first your speed will get only a bit slower, and when you stop, it will push you to the other way. How further you can go can change depending on your speed, until it completely stops you and forces you to go back.

3. One of these two, but with a warning message?

Let’s imagine the damaging borders were a thing. This is simple; When you get out of the map, the game will first show a warning message on your screen for a couple seconds, until it starts damaging you. For the pushing borders, they can still push you back, however when you get very close to the border, a warning message will appear saying “You’re close to the map border”, if you go further, the border will push you back.


What about a border similear to Arma?

It’s in theory infinite but the map becomes very bare or its just pure terrian, however you cannot build outside the border. OR you can but its only for maybe 2 kilometers? However you’re at a high risk of being found UNLESS its within a forest, I’m not sure how this would be tackled.


I remember a few maps having a slightly extended area you can get into but cant build in. I think the best approach is displaying a warning when you get a little too close to the outside of the map and then causing an equivalent to 3.0’s radiation.

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not a big fan of since this wouldn’t be helpful if you traveled far out with planes and wasn’t paying attention to how far you’ve traveled

this better than damaging borders

but instead of it being a force it could be wind that progressively gets stronger, so if planes get inside, the wind pushes them back the way they came

Also justfies the fact that its not a force but just wind

Fully agree with warning message. in fact this shouldn’t even be three, but just included in both.


Radiation borders sound like a good idea. When you go out of the map, it will give you radiation depending on how further you are out of the map.


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