A Wind System

I’m surprised that not many people have talked about wind in Unturned, but don’t worry, I don’t want anything complex.

I don’t think I would want anything complex at all, just something really simple that can be an additional aspect of the game that the player doesn’t have to worry about too much.

I would recommend reading this post more than once if you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about cause I’m not sure if it’s clear to what my point is on the first read.

Have just a couple of types of winds that range from said amount to said amount. Let me set 0 to no wind at all and 100 to a hurricane just so you have some kind of scale in mind. This scale affects how much the grass and leaves sway and maybe after a certain amount other things like bullet drop, and movement.

Types of Winds
  • Type 1 - A very light breeze. Just the grass, and leaves wave a little bit but other than that nothing is affected. somewhere from 1-5

  • Type 2 - A mild wind. Everything sways a bit more prominently not much is affected tho. Maybe in a city area, you see a newspaper fly-by but not much. from 10-20

  • Type 3 - A strong wind. This starts to do something. It starts to affect bullets but only in a very predictable manner and how much depends on the type of wind, and not the amount. from 25-40

  • Type 4 - A storm. Maybe a blizzard on a snow map, and a dust storm on a sandy map. In grasslands always accompanied by rain, lightning or both. This is where movement gets harder. It does depend on the amount, unlike the bullets which in this type are more affected by the wind. from 50-70.

  • Type 5 - A hurricane. It ranges from 80 to 100. These can rip trees, and destroy bases. Maybe if possible even get water far onto land and summon a tornado. Movement is very hard, and stuff can fly into you if you’re unlucky. This is completely optional but if it were to be implemented, it would be a very rare occurrence.

Direction should be random but shouldn’t angle to up or down, and maybe have trees and buildings block the wind although I don’t know if that would be necessary too.

Rain would change the direction with the wind and the angle will depend on the amount or type.

Some that read this might notice that I re-typed a bunch of stuff from a reply I did in another post made by Panda3d. I had a lot of fun writing this topic, and think this is a really good idea for a game like UII.

And please be nice, and respect each others’ opinions.


Yes. Good.

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farting is type 1 :upside_down_face:


I really dont want to lose my base to wind tbh


tbh the wind system should only be a “if you move against it, you move slower; if you move with it, you move faster” thing and nothing complicated. the wind can be stronger or weaker determining the movement but not such crazy things like hurricane destroying your base


Yeah, leave that to mods, which hopefully will be possible in unreal. =)

Modding is probably the second greatest focus in UII, so don’t be surprised.

All non-cosmetic and non-bullet-drop wind mechanics are completely unneeded. I have only played a single game that had wind mechanics that didn’t come off as a tacky one off, and that was dwarf fortress, which, is dwarf fortress.

Also, if wind is dynamic and effects bullet drop/travel, it should be measurable with a device, and then also not change so fast that your measurement is pointless after a few shots.

I am completely down with weather, but when you mention biome specific weather I gotta say no, because weather should encompass the entire map, or it would look weird. For hurricanes, read p9s response


I agree. You bring up a good point here, I think if wind and strong winds are added they should only be visual (Such as leaves on trees blowing and smoke) with only extremely minor effects on gameplay.

That’s exactly what I mean. Not something that should be worried about too much.

That’s why I said in a predictable manner. The “amount” doesn’t change how much bullet drop is affected but the type does because otherwise, it would just be annoying.

Hey guys p9 here and today be are doing another wind raid on a full metal honeycomb…
I would be funny

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Who needs charges? I will just summon a hurrican by speaking to the greek god of wind Anemoi (insane loot)


Bases on bad foundations can get weakened and loose HP after a hurricane. I’d like that.

Imagine if Nelson added a base stability system, like the one in Rust. If you create an extremely wacky unrealistic nightmare of a base it will get increasingly unstable, and more prone to the weather and winds.


That wouldn’t be stupid at all. There are so many sky bases in 3 that just stand on some rotated planks.

While I agree that sky bases should be nerfed, the whole idea of hurricanes doing any damage to bases to me, is not a good one and does not have a place in unturned. I see it being just more of just an annoyance rather than a good balance to the game.

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Well from my point of view sky bases arent supposed to be in 4.0, and im 98.7% sure that there will be a system in 4.0 that breaks your base if it isnt connected to the ground


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