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I’ve been working on the new stats system which is completely dynamic (i.e. add/remove stats at runtime, server plugins can add stats to player, custom stats in mods), custom editors for them and some in-game info on the item:

While I think it’s fairly obvious, it’s worth noting that these values are placeholder.


I’d assume INI is ‘Initial’, MOD is ‘Modification’, and I’m probably wrong because it makes no sense to me but VAL is ‘Value’(?)

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HoLy Cr4p its like a FR33 Quantum processor

UPD: When does test start?


INI is the initial (base) state, MOD is how much it’s been modified, and VAL is the actual current state with modifications taken into account

hope that helped bab <3



I think you should be using integral values instead of percentages, simply because of the fact that percentage values leave a lot of room for abuse. Also in my opinion, integral values would be much easier to read and understand. (something like in RPGs, for eg- This helmet will give you +10 intelligence // instead of intelligence +1000%)

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Percentages are easier to stack imo, which makes sense when you have several items modifying the same stat.


There are 5 others bro

I looked closer at these images (turned my phone on the side to see it better) and it looks like escape from tarkovs weapon mod system. Each attachment adds advantages and disadvantages to the weapon. Like if you add a sight which…adds a sight (wow), but it makes the gun have worse erganomics because it’s a huge 20x scope.

Question: What does negative aiming speed look like

It just takes more time to look down the sight

i mean i think having it display as integral values would be good

Now THAT is what I call “genius at work”
Looks awesome! And glad that we’re having something new to the game that can make the difference.
Tho all attachments should have their disadvantages imo

The more stats that can be changed, the better. Really looking forward to unique items from both the game itself and later on modding!


Percentages are easier to stack imo, which makes sense when you have several items modifying the same stat.

Well why not both? Maybe have integral values as flat values, say +5 sneak. However some very rare item for instance a sneaky-beaky sneakers could just straight up give +50% sneak and increase your sneak skills by 50% (which would equal 7.5 sneak).

Also, as I said percentages would create a lot of confusion as people would be tied between understanding if a percentage bonus is from base 0 or after other percentage buffs, (eg- if you have 300% dexterity and you get +100% will that mean 400% or 600%) considering unturned’s playerbase I think a lot of them would still think 600%

The stats impacted are not the same as the skills from 3.X, I think the standard that everything else will be compared to is an Eaglefire with either default attachments, or no attachments.

Integral value changes are going to be better, typically, than a multiplier (or when it comes to negative debuffs, far more punishing). (Unless Nelson just adds all the percentages together before any actual sort of calculation, making a 50% bonus + a 25% bonus just = 75%, percentages are not like this.)

That aside, the only visual benefit you’re getting (which seems to be the main argument here) you could figure out by looking at your new value and subtracting from your old value.

It’s not possible for something to be a base zero either, if the default generic stats of everything are always above 0 to begin with, nor negative. Consider 0 to be the vertical asymptote of every stat.

As a game mechanic, I’d say multipliers would make more sense balance-wise. The aesthetic of that is not a concern of mine in anyway, and if it was I could just do some subtraction. I’m not deeply concerned with the actual raw difference though.

If all percentage changes were added together before multiplying the base number, I’d still prefer that just to more quickly see the difference made.

I hope this means we’re getting rid of Sharpshooter and Dexterity.
I hate those skills imho.

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