About mythics and cosmetics

Am I the only one who doesn’t want there to be mythics or clothing cosmetics in 4.0? I feel like it won’t fit the survival theme. In 3.0 it’s fine because it’s more of a PvP fest and RP, but not being able to see what your enemy is wearing or what kind of loot they have (Not being able to see their vest, backpack, etc.) just feels on a slight scale P2W. I’d love to see skins for weapons just like in Rust, that they fit the theme pretty well, but I would NOT like to see any kind of mythics.

(Or if there will be mythics, at least when hosting a server give an option to disable them)


Basic camouflage and maybe regular color skins would be the best choice for weapons, for the cosmetics I’d say that Nelson should keep basic stuff like the graduation cap or something equivalent if he makes a tutorial and the the special ones (berets, BE mask, etc)


There should be engraved skins for all the pistols. Idk, but I like any gun (pistol) with an engraved design in it. NO MYTHICS!!!

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