About Skills in 4.0

This might’ve been already said in one of the Devlogs, but i’m too lazy to go trough all 8 of them.
Would there be Skills in 4.0 and if there are going to be skills, how would they be different from 3.0, unless they’ll be the same.
Honestly, skills in 3.0 made no sense and just created yet another unfair advantage in situations. You chop a couple of trees, kill a townful of zombies and you suddenly manage to run faster, maintain more stamina and walk silently. Probably the worst cases of those skills being unfair, were the Healing skill and the Gun skills (Along with the prolonged breathing)
I honestly think that skills should be outright removed. It made no sense whatsoever to be able to shoot with less recoil, or be 3x more silent when you walk or heal yourself better, because of some Experience.

What are your opinions regarding this topic ?


Multiple posts have been made to suggest skills be “Skyrim-style” as in, you upgrade a certain skill by doing a particular action. Though these were suggestions. We don’t know what Nelson has in mind


I honestly think that skills shouldn’t be upgraded when you please, but as you progress. Like you craft a bunch of things, and bam, you’re better at crafting. You shoot a lot? Bam, enjoy slightly higher accuracy. And what else has been suggested is if you read books, you’ll be better at the skill the book relates to, like you read a book on agriculture, and then you can get more per harvest.


I would like skills to be completely removed,so how you perform in-game would accord to your skill in real life.(And the gear you have in the game).


As we speak I’m working on an incredibly deep Skill System Overhaul for 4.0. I think nobody has ever covered it in as much complexity as I’m about to, and I’m also drawing inspiration from a massive variety of other games.

But in short, 3.0’s system is absolutely counterintuitive. My overhaul will be completely different.


What if, we just get em by doing certain things, Craft a lot? You get crafting II, run a lot? You get Cardio II, Shoot a lot? You get sharpshooter. Meaning people who do these things get rewards for doing them.

Dumb idea I know, but hey.

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You just have to make one, don’t you, J? XD
Multiple people, including me, have made posts regarding the skill overhaul. Maybe you missed some of them. Or maybe you didn’t like the style of delivery used. Either way, feel free to check out my skill-related post and see if you can make sense of it xD

Either way, i look forward to seeing what you have in mind

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That’s basically what everyone is trying to suggest

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That self-advertisement of your topic was down-right slick

Dude, I’ve been waiting for that darn post like for ages xddd.

I also have my own ideas in that matter (very deep ones) that I was thinking on for a long time. I’ve also wanted to make a post, but I saw you were about to do the same, also taking inspiration from so many games, and I thought: “This guy is working on a really solid thing, and probably has it. Let’s see how it goes”.

If ya don’t post it already, I’ll do mine lol xd.

That’s business, my friend
Too poor to pay for ads? Advertise them yourself xD

keep the skill thing from 3.0

Well the fact that it’s taking this long should go to show you how deep it is.

Remember my survival overhaul? Or my sectionalized clothing? Those took hours to do, but lately I’ve been extremely busy so those hours are stretched out over various days. I’m about 30% done but the post is already over a page long.


Shit, can’t argue with that :smiley:

yea your right most not if all of your ideas where good

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