About The Airdrops

About The Airdrops

it comes in a plane and is the loot played simple. Dont is about this with i go talk I have a quest of suggestion to solution OP ITENS merit.
my suggestion to airdrops are

  • How more players in the server more OP is the loot.
  • Increase the time to airdrop fall (in 3.0 is very fast).
  • Take a GIANT smoke grenade of the size a 20 floors 60 ~ 100Meters.
  • A Certain time to open the crate.
  • Smokes going on just in 5 min after the loot.


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Sobre os airdrops

vem em um avião e é jogado simples! Não é sobre isso que eu vou falar, eu tenho uma questão para solucionar itens OPs… Mérito.

minha sugestão para airdrops são

Quanto mais jogadores no servidor mais OP é o loot.
Aumento do tempo para a queda do lançamento aéreo (em 3.0 é muito rápido).
Pegue uma fumaça gigante do tamanho de 20 andares 60 ~ 100Meters. Quando no chão
Um certo tempo para abrir a caixa.
Fumaça acontecendo apenas em 5 minutos após pegar o loot.


Personally I’ll like several different kinds of airdrops.

Like in a real life situation i’ll like to believe there be dropping off generators, medical supplies, news, food, scarce items, and at top tier things like eaglefires at most (things for fighting zombies, not spec pops equipment).

Airdrop types: Medical, general (most common, mix of everything), building (as to re-establish society), food, and vary rarely weapon designated .


I want them to drop some good guns, medkits, gas, food, liquids, meds, and survival items.


About Airdrops

// Sorry, but I just couldn’t understand this part. //

The rarity of items found in airdrops depends on the amount of players in the server.
Airdrops take much longer to reach the ground.
The flare signal released by the crate should be much taller, around 100 meters.
Airdrop crates take time to open, making it more valuable to secure the area before taking loot.
Signal flares last for about 5 minutes.

// I did the best I could, if somebody can translate or retype the introductory paragraph that would be nice. //

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I’d rather have airdrops be humanitarian aid instead of military arms shipments

I don’t think they should incentivize blood bathes more than they already do


I’d say that airdrops should drop off humanitarian aid, but also contain maybe a pistol or military knife. Logically, if there was a zombie apocalypse, then you’d want supplies and some means of defending yourself, right?


I took my time to translate this, or at least what i could:

About The Airdrops

It’s dropped by a plane and looted by the players, simple enough. I have a couple of suggestions about the airdrops and how OP their loot is:

  • The OP-ness of the loot depends on how many players are in the server
  • The Airdrops fall down slower than in 3.0
  • When the Airdrop is on the ground, it releases smoke with the height of 20 floors, 60 ~ 100 meters.
  • There’s a certain timeframe in which the Airdrop can be opened
  • The smoke remains active 5 minutes after the Airdrop has been looted.

OP=appeal (???)


sorry to say, but this would just encourage people to kill each other for airdrops -_-

I think the plane should be able to be shot down, however this would be extremely hard to pull off. However if it does get shot down it ought to be obvious for everyone in a fairly good radius to see where it’s crashed. The loot would increase if shot down, otherwise the much more quiet way would drop more general loot.

Please no useless items like hammers and tires though. I’d rather see things like generators, ammo, medical/food supplies, etc. Maybe even some gun parts, considering how there’s gonna be different receivers and the like.

Flares on airdrops should last way longer than they currently do, and airdrops shouldn’t despawn for at least 10-15 minutes imo.


Like in a real life situation Vs Like unturned this situation

The idea of unturned dont is evident for example in rust have a airdrop and a helicopter programed to kill all peoples when find. in resume the idea of airdrop in rust in a theme logic is kill more peoples possible. and i no have idea about the opinion of the government in unturned.

i go finalize in a question. in a apocalipse situation the peoples go kill other peoples per resouces?

Personally when I suggested they should have weapons in them, I ment (excluding weapon specified airdrop) guns good enough to hold off zombies, give a civilian a ar-15 and the street will be cleaned, give him some crazy overpowerd death maker not only it’s not cost effective (and overkill), it just beggs for violence.

I can totally see in a zombie event governments (if they care for the populace truly) giving away low tier weaponry that’s good enough for self defence. Like shotguns and some pistols with extended mags.

(The only reason I included the weapon based airdrop was for gameplay, not logic).

I hope someone knows what I’m talking about.

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Would be nice if high reputation in a faction(if coalition is not going to be the only one ) gave u the ability to call an airdrop.
(very long delay to use //more reputation better the airdrop//faction unique drops)

Other faction abilities beside calling airdrops would be nice as well, i could make a post on this topic but I am 2lazzy4this.

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