About the Arena wall/storm

To be honest it’s pretty simple - it’s literally a white line, at least give it some detail. Doesn’t need to be too epic, but just don’t keep it as a white line please

As a reference I’m using the storm in Fortnite:

  • Has a purple effect when you’re in;
  • Wind is stronger inside it;
  • Has a blue wall instead of a white outline

So, for the Unturned wall:

  • Make it like a solid wall
  • Do whatever y’all suggest

And yes I know it can create FPS issues but it looks bad

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maybe it should be a wall of fire, then when you come out, it extinguishes you.

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This makes even less sense than a solid wall. Especially with Unturned’s graphics.

Then again there’s the time TABG had literal concrete walls moving in. That was hilarious


Still better than a white line though