About the bullet traces in the last devlog

They kinda move slow and look kind of matrix slow mo scene.Overall everything looks nice:).

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They’re just as fast as the bullet, which appears to move as fast as bullets in U3 do.

I assume they look slower to you due to the fact that most of the shooting scenes are happening with the target at point blank, so the tracer just cuts off abruptly when you may have been expecting it to go on longer.

I think it’s a bit easier to see the effect by focusing on when Nelson is shooting to the left and right of the car instead of directly at it. You could try looking at that to see if your opinion is any different.


You’re right,guess i was too hyped and didn’t pay much attention

So we will have paintball bulletdrop in unturned || aswell?


There should totally be.

Wait do you wannt unturned ll to have the bullet drop that 3.0 has right now 0_0 ???

And the trail that the bullet leaves, in the old devlogs was a yellow trail and the one in yesterday was in the style of 3 with the transparent ray.

So you want bullets that don’t travel further than 200m without falling like a rock? Or RPG that has drop of an arrow?
Bullets should be much faster.

I think he was talking about actually paintball guns…

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Before I answer that, why do you use pipes when you spell Unturned II?

He was making a joke.

@ComradeThelisia @skoeldis


Attention, bois… I’m not that drunk yet.

   In fact, not even drunk I could want such absurd shit ingame
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ok just had to be sure, now that i think about it I feel like I have 0 iq even thinking that you would be serious

Same hahaha, well I was tired and kindoff… gone

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