About the chaos physics system

I’m just wondering, but how will destructible buildings in II work, will the buildings be like rainbow or can you fully demolish an entire building, or is it just bullet holes. also could this be applied to the terrain/world objects such as building trenches or destroying boulders, anyways it would be pretty cool to be able to c4 into a building so it made me wonder.

What? Um what do you mean by rainbows and stuff. No the terrain won’t be destruable i belive. But sinkable mud would be cool.

The extent to which the world environment will be destructible is uncertain, but it’s safe to say it won’t be to the degree of R6S (assuming that’s the Rainbow Six game you were referring to, which you didn’t 100% specify), since R6S does go a little bit overboard and players in that game are armed with specops-tier equipment specifically for that purpose. Attempting the same degree of destruction mechanics in UII would most likely lead to optimization and balance issues, and unlike in R6S the world is persistent, so having houses everywhere with holes randomly in them would raise a few eyebrows. I’d expect destruction to be to a fairly basic degree in terms of most typical gameplay, but if heavy ordinances are involved we may see more than what was done in U3. Terrain should probably not be destructible due to the sheer volume of exploits that would be possible with such a mechanic.

Note: Destructible props were confirmed as of Devlog #007.

I don’t think this would be realistic for UII. Having a large open word survival game is quite taxing on a game engine, and having a detailed destruction is also quite taxing on a game engine too.

Trying to combine is not easily possible.


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