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Discussion of Unturned versions 1.x, 2.x and 3.x.


I see we’re finally getting consistent about calling 4.X “Unturned II.”
Though, I’ll probably never break the habit of calling it 4.X and the other versions 3.X, 2.X, and 1.X.


Unturned has been confirmed by Nelson guys, hype train full steam ahead /s




I’m happy about this change! Nelson didn’t make any emojis or happy little remarks in this post I hope he is okay


This is the exact same as the other category headers though…were you expecting an exception?


Hype hype blueberry


Alright, somebody lock this thread now please.


1.x - buggy
2.x - buggy but good and in my case prime of unturned
3.x - very good at first and then useless updates started coming out and the community completely changed


Somebody lock this thread, PLEASE.


I would recommend just flagging off-topic replies, but I’m not sure even the mods are sure what should count as on- or off-topic for a thread this general.