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Right now, Unturned sniper rifle ( in the demo ) seems based on the AWM, while the unturned 3.x is more similar to the Timberwolf C14 . Will the name be different then and will the AWM get it’s own name ? If you think so, which name would you like for it ?

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The default name of the bolt action rifle in the Unturned II beta (which is based on an Accuracy International rifle, but does not fire a magnum cartridge) is “7.62x51mm Firing Range Gun,” although this is likely a placeholder name. Currently, you can also change it’s name and description as you please with name tags, and Nelson renamed his rifle Timberwolf in Devlog 20.


I know but if a default name was ever added, i think it should fit Unturned namestyle .
In my own case, i would ether call it SkullBlaster, Direwolf or MooseHunter

How about “Arctic Fox” for the 7.62 Arctic Warfare based gun and “Arctic Wolf” if a magnum caliber Arctic Warfare based gun were to be added?

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I’d name it Snow Fight just to spin it off Arctic Warfare.

I’m biased, but my various AW models call it the Snowfox and imo that’s the best name. :wink:


I still think the PMAW is the best name (Precision Marksman Arctic Warfare)

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Snowfox is a good name, i like it

Accuracy International products
.308 Winchester/7.62 NATO

Precision Marksman(PM)/L96
Arctic Warfare(AW)/L118/Psg90/SR98
Arctic Warfare Police(AWP)
Accuracy Enforcement(AE)
Accuracy Tactical(AT)
AX 308
AX multicaliber (AXMC)

.338 Lapua/.300 Winchester

Arctic Warfare Magnum(AWM)
Arctic Warfare Super Magnum(AWSM)
AX multicaliber (AXMC)

.50 BMG

Arctic Warfare .50 BMG (AW50)

Note:I’ve left out distinctions based fixed vs. folding stocks, length of barrel, threading of muzzle, inclusion/exclusion of monopod, because these differences would inarguably not be different items, and instead would be handled through modifiers or attachments of the base item.

I think the naming system we have for these rifles should be applicable to five distinct items: a 7.62 rifle, a multicaliber rifle, a magnum rifle, a .50 caliber bolt action and a .50 caliber semiautomatic.

I doubt any of the .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO PM derivatives will be considered distinct items that get unique names (as opposed to variations of the base item) except maybe the AXMC, as this rifle can be modified to fire .308 Winchester, 7.62 NATO, .338 Lapua Magnum, or .300 Winchester Magnum. AWM is sometimes used to refer exclusively to .338 Lapua guns and AWSM exclusively to .300 Win Mag guns, but this nomenclature (that isn’t always applied in the real world) doesn’t justify having them exist as separate items in game. The AS50 is a semiautomatic rifle, and clearly distinct from the bolt-action AW50 and AX50. The distinction between the AW50 and AX50 is even less important than the one between the AW and AX308.
Note 1: Just because I don’t think every version of the rifle should exist as a distinct item doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t want that version in the game, just that I think that any important differences between them should be handled as modifiers of the base item.
Note 2: Just because I think two rifles are distinct enough to be considered separate items, doesn’t necessarily mean that I want those items in particular to be added to the game.

It might also be important to consider what other rifles using Accuracy International magazines or even the whole Accuracy International Chassis System (such as certain versions of the Remington Model 700) are named. If the naming conventions for Accuracy International weapons includes animals, I think the AWM should have a wolf related name, as the the Timberwolf also fires .338 Lapua. Whatever the naming conventions used, they should be consistently followed atleast through all of the accuracy international bolt-action rifles, and the names of these rifles should reflect their relative characteristics. (i.e. if the 7.62 range gun were called “snow fox” then the AW50/AX50 shouldn’t be called “snow hare,” because hares are smaller and less powerful than foxes.

Everyone is wrong, the rifle shall be called Benson


What about “Coyote”?

Emu Killer plz

heck I’d go for Snowfox.

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