About trains

Types of trains

There should be two types of trains. Diesel electric and electric. Diesel electric train requires fuel just like in unturned 3.0 (there is no special train fuel) and electric train requires a power source at one of the power station.



Reverser is used to select if a train should go forward or backward. It also has an idle or engine only position and off position.


Setting a throttle input sets the target speed. The bigger the difference between current speed and target speed, the more power is applied. Electric train have an instant throttle response. Diesel electric train has a slight delay because it's engine has to adjust it's rpm.


there are 3 types of brakes.

  1. Dynamic brake works by turning train’s traction motors into generator and converting train’s kinetic energy into elektricity. Electric trains can return part of it’s consumed electricity back into the network. It’s more efficient if a train is going fast.
  2. Train brake works by pressurizing or depressurizing (depend on the type of brakes on the coaches) the train’s brake loop, which applies brakes on the entire train. Applying and releasing brakes is not instant and it depends on the train length.
  3. Engine brake (also called independent brake) works by directly applying brakes on the engine.

Startup and shutdown

Startup and shutdown is pretty simple:

Startup process:

  1. Turn the master key (master key should spawn with the train, but it can be pulled off to lock the train)
  2. raise the pantograph (electric trains only)
  3. flip the battery switch, which starts the engine
  4. set the reverser
  5. release the brakes
  6. slowly increase throttle

Shutdown process is just reversed.


I like trains. ._.

Of course you do.
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Well,I say we focus on more versatile vehicles first and later on vehicles like these but your ideas are decent nonetheless

i thought they were taking you to germany?

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No trains lmao

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trains should be a thing
i think you should be able to destroy them though, but it would need a bunch of raid gear

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Or you could just destroy the tracks and the train would just be useless .

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