About Weapons

First sry my english

  • In resume my idea stay connect with this image and the potential of how many modular go be the weapons and how the not repair go afect the parts on this weapons. The weapon stay separate in “4 parts” with

Barrel in general or The system to shoot

go affect precision, The damage and the fire rate of weapon are compused by:

  • Performace barrel> go wear conform you shoot go affect the firerate of weapon and when stay totaly broken go lock the bullets (in resume stop the shoots).

  • Barrel go wear conform you shoot and go affect the precision can burst and when burst the shoots go in a radium extreme large and aleatory.

  • nozzle go wear conform you shoot and slowly go losing your efficience for example the supressor go increase the song with time.


change the vision dont change status on the weapon.

  • The laiser - unbreakables.

  • Sights/scopes - unbreakables.


go affect the control of weapon and the recoil.

  • Haste - go wear when you sight and shoot, affect the in how to up or down go you weapon when you shoot.

  • handhound - unbreakable and affect how to lateral recoil go in your weapon.


  • Change the damage, the precision, How fast does it break and the control of weapon.

What you think about this?

I sort of understand what you’re trying to say but you really need to improve your english. In rest… that’s just how the guns work and probably durability will still be a thing in Unturned II. Atleast I think that’s what you’re trying to say: the more you shoot with an atachment, it loses efficency.

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Maybe he should type in his native language, then if someone here speaks it, they could help decipher it. Or maybe even posting both.

Someone make a translator for that guy. I mean, programming a completely new, better translating program would be more effortless than trying to decipher… this.

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