About zombie diversity and A.I

We all know that zombie’s A.I. and loot in 3.x are very crappy. This obviously need a rework, and there’s some suggestions.

  • You should be able to take the zombies clothes and items that they equipped (but I’m pettry sure thats already planned).

  • We should be able to meet with survivor’s zombies (not dead players, but some ramdom one created randomly), like some snipers in building’s roofs, and some shooter stuck in a pile of zombies.

  • Zombies should free roam. The most part of them would stay crawling in the cities, and you could encounter some zombie’s groups in the roads and highways. If you walk “slowly”, zombies should be able to chase you around.


Do you really want to take clothes from a rotting corpse? Xd

Would you rather be naked in Yukon?


Rather than wear clothes covered in rotten slime? Yes.

dirty clothes should be able to wash them in harm.
nice topic.


If zombies are going to drop everything (or almost everything) they have equipped when they are killed, then we should also be able to look forward to actually looting bodies from your inventory as opposed to a bunch of dropped items on the floor that we currently see in 3.x (because imagine 60 sets of military clothing on the ground after a blood moon)

Seeing zombies that look like, or were, former players who died would be really cool. you could take whatever loot they had if you were able to kill them. If the AI for the zombies became a little smarter/harder to fight (especially for these ones) it would be an awesome addition

As long as they aren’t breaking down my house, I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing zombies further from towns and cities. (but hopefully not nearly as many when you get further from said towns and cities)

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Of course, but I didn’t have mentioned that because it’s almost confirmated.

Ah, I added it in just in case you hadn’t thought of it.

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I’d rather zombies wear rotten, non-lootable clothing, so you don’t get a full set of military armor every time you kill a military zombie.

However, there could be a chance for some clothing on zombies to be in good shape and therefore lootable. I could get behind that for sure.

Zombies should have infinitely better navigation for hopefully the whole map, but they should not free roam in the sense that they swarm around the map and chase after you forever. It would be nice to see groups of them along roads and other locations that aren’t just towns/cities like it currently is for the most part.

Unsure what you mean here. I’m pretty sure I’m against it.


Clothes dont get rotten, just dirty. You could clear them swimming. Even if they are dirty, is already better than freeze in a cold location. The smell could even camuflate a little you against zombies.

You just repeated what I said.

How can you don’t even understandt it say say you’re against?

An easy and reasonable solution to the clothing issue:

  • The clothing would be at very, very low durability, unless you get lucky with a suitable, less damaged piece of clothing. This would be rare (about 5% chance) but would allow you to use it or repair it easily. It would make a lot more sense for a zombie’s clothing to be in tatters and infectious vs just dirty.

  • You may have a chance of losing a bit of immunity if you wear the clothing from a zombie

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That sounds nice. And you could repair a cloth with a rag and glue. You could clean it with watter swimming, restoring a little bit of the durability.

Eh, not glue, but probably something like a sewing kit, tailoring skill, a rag, and some string you have handy

Guess you wont have time to sew in a apocalipse, so glue is better.

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Glue should be a quick but lower quality fix. Sewing something like a tear in a shirt really doesn’t take that long, but is something you’d do in the safety of your base, like crafting or farming.

I’m pretty sure they can get rotten but whatever you want to say. You failed to address the issue of finding high tier stuff like military gear easily. Therefore, my idea should stay. Not every zombie’s clothing should be wearable. It’s been ripped up, covered in blood/other shit, etc. There should still be a chance to find clothing that isn’t ripped up though, and this should be dropped from zombies here and there. It’d definitely help out on cold maps.

No, I didn’t. You didn’t address exactly how far they would free roam, only that they would be in cities and sometimes on roads. I went further and actually addressed that point.

I certainly can’t understand this. I’m going to assume you’re asking how I can be against something without fully understanding it, and that’s because I’m assuming you want randomly generated ‘survivor’ zombies in random locations - which is a pretty poor idea - but I don’t fully know what you mean what you’re actually fully saying.

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Food get rotten, not clothes.

You failed to remember that the clothes would be very damaged, not high quality ones. A military vest found on a zombie would be less protecrive than a good civilian one.

Clothes can rot, especially if they’re made of natural fibers or otherwise soaked in water and such. Especially considering the clothing would stick to the dead zombie’s skin and cause all sorts of nastiness, I think it’s safe to say clothing can rot, or otherwise disintegrate/break down.

It’s not like you can repair it or anything. I can’t see repairing of clothing not being a thing in 4.0, if clothing has durability to begin with.


Plus if if both the body and clothes are rotting, the skin and clothes might fuse together so basically the clothes on that zombie will be badly damaged PLUS have an infectious slime that could kill you if it gets in a wound. So you wouldnt want a shirt covered in zombie slime cause if you get hurt well, it could and up causing the virus to kill ya.

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