Buildings found in cities contain clothing weights that can be used as a gun though the coolest of a gym are the large reserves of food supplements that would be very useful, speaking of buildings I thought of adding a fire extinguisher found in all buildings although being a little hard to find useful for dealing with fires efficiently and quickly.


Gyms rarely carry stuff like that around afaik, it’s more along the lines that they would have higher protein stuff like protein bars.

I’m sure the contents of buildings are easily established by the dev to what he sees fit.

And with this random fire extinguisher you mentioned, I’m sure there’s more than just blowing fire away while you’re fantasising about scouring through the buildings and mentioning items you may find.

  • The Fire Extinguisher can simply be made as a non-functional blunt ‘Heavy’ melee weapon that has decent damage and high knockback, similar properties of a baseball bat but shorter reach and slightly slower swinging speed.
  • Can be salvaged for a reasonable amount of scrap metal and maybe a small amount of plastic (If considered as a thing in the game).
  • Optionally it can be seen as a prop in buildings hanging onto a wall which can be obtained through salvaging (Which gives an unworn condition fire extinguisher)

how about stunning zombies with its blast? or the ability to access certain areas by putting out fire with it? (like subnatica)


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