Accurate depiction of what Unturned players look like

Enjoy comrades.


When you use your grizzly to kill the same fresh spawn 5 times in a row


/i 97
/i 98 20
/i 143

death log fills up the chat

you stole that from steam arts, and its not a funny meme either.

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A colt with a bipod???

Please let this be in 4.0.


Grats, I wasn’t expecting someone else to actually look up or memorize the IDs

not enough false military guys >:(

This image is very familiar.

Original -

I spent 20 mins of my time looking for that

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Like i said, it was stolen xd

I found it on google.


¡Ay, caramba! Welp. This method from now on will save you 19 minutes 30 seconds

(Edit: Welp, that gif shows about as much as nothing. Just right click the image > copy image location > Go to Google Images > click the camera icon on the search bar to reverse image search and just paste into the bar)

Yeah, stealing images just isn’t good. If it’s not your work say it isn’t and credit the person who made it.

I didn’t know…
I just looked up “Unturned memes”
And as you can see, it’s one of the search results.

I love when people use this set up. Fantastic gear and no head armor : ^)

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So…you basically intentionally searched for a meme to steal.

IQ 9000 plays


I don’t get why almost everyone here is saying that he “stole” the meme, just took a pic made by someone in the community and it’s automatically stealing content. He didn’t even claim to be the creator of that image.


Shit, what has Reddit done to me

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he wearing the night vision… Are we sure thats night vision and not a VR headset showing some stuff i dont want to talk about?

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ohhh shit 1 month later… BETTER LEAVE NOW!!

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