ActionPaths and CSS | Jan. 25, '21


  • ‘Pretty’ ActionPaths implemented.
    • This changes various paths from originally something like …/w/index.php?title=Unturned&action=edit to a more readable …/wiki/edit/Eaglefire. It applies to most paths, with notable exceptions to the normal view of the page (which is already prettified), and viewing raw page data. Old links will still work, and in some cases may be preferable when needing to relatively preserve the path without using a permalink.
  • Various CSS attribute variables declared in :root.
  • Updated page border framing, and VectorTabs now have custom CSS to match.
  • Many minor, boring, CSS optimizations.
  • More advanced blocking tools to better apply blocks on a per-case basis.

Content pages

  • Link colors added (local, interwiki, external, new, and variants). Various collapsible/expanding text have been updated to match a corresponding link color.
  • CSS for search box, TOC, category box, and thumbnail box.
  • CSS for a standardized wikitable class.
  • Category box and page title is hidden from main page.


  • Restored and updated the navbox CSS.
  • Added markup for the new Lua-based infobox templates. Some minor JS and Lua changes were made, largely for method of display.
  • Restored and “fixed up” markup for the original infobox templates, until they’ve all been replaced with the Lua-based infoboxes.

Special and action pages

  • CSS for comparing additions and removals across multiple page revisions, focused on increasing contrast and readability when text is highlighted. Blue/orange is used for accessibility, with +/− markers adjacent to the highlights.
  • CSS for various elements of the Special:RecentChanges page, such as the legend and advanced search filter tool.
  • Plus/minus page size numbers recolored for contrast.
  • CSS for viewing on-site CSS (fixes readability issues caused with syntax highlighting).

quick question, will we ever get custom css support?

I’ve already setup support for this. :slight_smile: If you have an account, you can edit your own individual CSS via a subpage off your userpage. User:MoltonMontro/common.css for example.

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