Actual effects of Reputation


in unturned currently, there are no real negative or positive effects for having a positive or negative reputation, and this should change in Unturned II. if you have a very negative reputation in unturned ii, one of two things could be implemented.

  1. If you have a low enough reputation (-100 for example), NPC guards would fire on you on sight. if you have an even lower reputation (-500, like many people on servers nowadays have) these NPC bases would send out squads into the map to hunt you down and kill you.

  2. if you have a positive reputation (+100) you get a giant price reduction in all NPC shops. if you have a really high reputation (+300) you will have a choice of three NPC’s that will follow you around in the server. you could choose between a medic, who would heal you, but can only defend himself with a melee weapon you give him. a looter, who will help you loot an area and can be equipped with a pistol to defend himself. or a defensive guard, who you could assign a certain patrol route inside your base as some protection from raiders (he can use all weapons except raiding weapons)

looking forward to your recommendations in the comments :slight_smile:







i think this is a good idea


My only issue with this is calculating rep is hard as.
If someone killed you and you killed them without them firing a shot you would lose rep, even though it’s justified. Even then what if his mate was there, who didn’t kill you but was taking your loot aswell. The game wouldn’t see he did anything wrong and would give you bad rep for defending your loot.


Easy money: Every single kill deducts rep no matter what, with less rep lost if they have negative rep or shot first etc, rep is only gained by doing actions.

You kill 10 turned? 1 rep. You bandage someone? 5 rep. Do a quest? Fix up someones car? Give someone items? Rep. All player interaction based ones should come with diminishing returns when performed to much for the same person so groups cant farm rep. Just incentivizing player interactions.

Pacifist players are rewarded with sweet deals on loot with NPCs, adding less incentive to kill others for loot, and murders can keep running around doing their thing, just having to avoid npc locations.


Pesky put a roomba in his nuts
his bowl of peanuts was ruined
Pesky’s roomba also short-circuited

[-15 Reputation]
[Bandit: -17 Rep]


So defending yourself deducts rep?


Yep. I doubt an algorithm can not determine who the actual aggressor is accurately, and killing always being bad is just the best way to go about it.


A good way to work it out would be to determine who started shooting at who, or who’s friend/ object. If someone voice chatted a lot and followed someone around they could be “removed”. Ect.


They should make it so that if your rep is negative your position is shown on the map and npcs will actively hunt you down. If your rep gets too low you will be automatically banned from the server.


Jokes aside all the ideas here and the reputation system in general feels like forced player intractability. The game should encourage players to interact through gameplay and how the system works, instead of punishing players for playing the game the way they want maybe some activity or areas should be easier to loot with multiple people making people team up more naturally instead of going “oh you shot a guy? Now all the shop prices are lower, you are being hunted by bullshit npc squads, AND now everyone on the server hates you” You shouldn’t be forced in a corner and told “you need to be nice, no shooting.” its a sandbox game, if I want to throw the sand in another kids face I shouldn’t be thrown out of the sandbox, the other kid should just throw the sand back. If me and the other kid want to build a sand castle we are gonna build one, If we dont we wont and we shouldn’t have to.


i understand this completely, but maybe the reputation system could be revamped in Unturned II to fit the PvE style nelson is going for here?


in response, i would just like to say that Nelson is trying to make the focus of II PvE instead of PvP, and thats why i wanted NPCs to hunt down players who are KOSing like crazy (-500 rep is hard to get on accident).


The reputation system is incapable of working in any manner without bias, inaccuracy, or loopholes. Therefore the reputation system should be abolished, at least when dealing with other players, as the reputation system doesn’t understand the true nature of morality and human interaction.
I don’t think it ever will.
The only exception to me is faction-oriented reputation.


i got an idea: no artificial reputation system, your reputation spreads by actual rumor and what people say about you within the server. And for NPCs, they have no way of telling whether the people you killed were the aggressors or not, so maybe a few side quests to prove to them youre legit


Okay but first need turn the system of reputation Just! maybe using a Elo system but thinking this way how assistences go work? i believe than that its a bad thing to add.


hippity hoppity reputation can suck my dickity


Buttttt…The system could justify in case you attack someone whit a negative reputation whitout losing reputation.


Yellinmelon in true its easy using 3.0 like reference when kill a bad guy and kill a good guy in one way or another go turn you into a bad guy…
Its quest of time get -500 rep


Here are my pointers regarding this

The reputation system in 3 is pretty broken with a few reasons I will mention at the end as well as my own additions. But as of now, I will talk about your suggestion.

  1. -100 rep is not enough for being shot on sight because with each kill, it’s -25 rep. Not to mention the unknown range and detection the bots are gonna have.

  2. Having bots actually follow you around to kill you requires too much extra coding, not to mention that bots either have aimbot, or horrible aim, which in itself requires intense coding.

  3. Im fine with people having good rep getting Decent discounts

  4. Again, follower bots require a lot of coding not to mention that they will either be an easy target or be a fucking bullet proof wall.

Now, I will mention the exact reasoning behind 3’s shitty rep system.

  1. For someone to be marked as the “aggressor”, he/she has to fire the first shot and that shot has to either HIT or MISS by 4 meters. 4 meters is a horrifying small number to be used as a thershold to determine the aggressor as people could have bad aim. My solution is that if someone aiming right at you and shoots, they are the aggressors. If the shot misses and hits the ground on a 10 meter radius, they are the aggressors. And obviously, if the shot hits, they are the aggressor. If that aggressor is killed, the aggressed will gain +25 rep. And vice versa, if the aggressor wins, they get -25. NOTE: The “aggresor” title will stay with the player for 30 minutes and refreshes whenever they do one of the previously mentioned conditions.
  2. As mentioned previously, melee combat also applies. And to save Nelson from that extra amount of coding, we can simply apply the same thing to melee combat
  3. When the agressed is killed (in 3), the system forgets who that player is and thus, if you revenge-kill them, you are counted as the aggressor. A solution to that is that for every person that kills you, they will be on a list (that list is only for you and your group mates) that lasts for [insert specific time here] or till the server restarts.

As for my own suggestions, they will be the following…

  • Players with negative to -99 rep will have an increase in price as a fine for the shit they did.
  • Players with -100~ -299 rep will not be sold anything and no NPC will interact with them
  • Players with -300~ -399 rep will be aimed at by NPC guards (keeping in mind that they have no health bar) and will be shot as soon as they enter the “Safe Zone” (the NPC area)
  • Players with -400 rep and below (aka. Assassins) will be on the blacklist. People on the blacklist will have flyers posted on multiple surfaces throughout the map with their names, reps AND LOCATIONS on them. These flyers can be interactable in case of multiple assassins. Now, when I say “Locations” I don’t mean a straightup wallhack for everyone. Here are the conditions:
  • If the assassin (himself) enters a city, the flyers will include the name of the city.
  • If the assassin has teammates, their names will also be included in the flyers
  • If the assassin (himself) exits a city, the flyer will include “last seen in…” with the name of the city.

If a player reaches -100 to -199 rep there will be a bounty on their head, whoever kills them, gets 50% of their rep but as a plus keeping in mind that bandit will get a -5% decrease to their reputation (eg. If with -100 rep and someone kills them, they respawn with -95)
If a player reaches -200 rep or less, their killer will gain 100% of their rep as a plus.

For those good people that share and give, here are my ideas…

  • Players with 100 ~ 199 rep will get a 30% discount on all items
  • Players with 200 ~ 299 rep will get a 60% discount
  • Players with 300 rep and above will get:
    Special deals such as rare items that are not even on the buy list (you guys can suggest what can be available. No vehicles tho)
    Quests pay 200% more than they originally do
    And Parcels openned by these players will have a good chance at spawning Epic loot. (My post on parcels for referance: Random suggestion that won't break the game )