Actually scary infected

If Unturned 2 is going to be more survival based than pvp then I do hope that the infected actually become terrifying, like actually deadly. Currently in 3.0 you can easily manage the infected and they aren’t really a problem whatsoever, and every zombie survival game tends to lack that fearful experience of the infected. I want to actually be scared about entering a city and walking stray around places, I want to be worried and I want that true survival experience.

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Well, you’re in luck because we’ve talked about that. And it is “confirmed”

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I’d recommend doing even basic research before making posts.

It has already been confirmed for months now that the Turned will be much darker in terms of appearance and that Unturned II in general will have a darker atmosphere.


Okay, sounds really good anyway. I’ll take care next time.

I thought of a special Turned for a boss fight, called “The Paladin”. Think of an eight foot tall humanoid with a left arm covered with extremely dense bone armor and a right arm that has a blade-like bone.

Sounds like an interesting alternative.

Maybe it charges at you too?

Ooh, I like that idea.

Another suggestion was a Turned enemy that could mimic human sounds. I call it, “The Mimic”.

congratulations on making a topic already confirmed that the enemy will be stronger and harder to kill.

If you actually look at prior replies as well as the age of the post, you’d know this has already been addressed.

Please do be sure to look through this before commenting. Thank you

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This sounds kinda iffy, but what about a zombie that can imitate the appearance of a human rather than the sounds?

Well, vaguely, anyways. It would still behave abnormally enough to be distinguishable at closer glance.

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