Adaptive soundtrack for even better survival experience!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Unturned 4.x had an adaptive soundtrack? The 3.x soundtrack featured only one song which played in the menu or when you died. Unturned 4.x could have music matching the situation the player is in. The music wouldn’t play all the time, but only in certain encounters or situations.
Examples - When the player is chased by multiple zombies, the music would start to get intense. In Savezones the music would become more friendly and calm. Sneaking past zombies, crafting, using your binoculars, fishing, and other activities could also have their very own background songs.
Of course, this would be completely optional.
Yes, I know that making songs can be hard and/or expensive, but it’s something I’m willing to support. And if the community likes this idea, together we could make it happen.
Share your opinions in the comments.


Here’s the thing, while this could be completely optional, not only would most people have it off when playing since sound is such a crucial part of PVP, but it would be really costly for Nelson, I’m sure the amount of money he could spend on around five songs could be way more than we expect. Maybe certain songs could play in areas of no threat like safezones, but for the most part, I wouldn’t really feel like it’s worth it.

This is actually really interesting to bring up. Basically all of the current game sounds are off sites like freesounds, if not just a modified version of a file from there. I wonder if Unturned 4.x would be given a legitimate budget set by @SDGNelson to achieve some higher quality sound effects? What would be the implications of something like this?


Yeah, sounds, we are talking about actual music, the songs used in the trailers were made (with the exception of the Germany theme, which was made by Lincoln Grounds) by John 00 Fleming, all the music used needed a license, and if I were to guess, the music used for the actual trailers would be much cheaper than using it in a game, which is what is being suggested here.

Also, I really want better sound effects in Unturned, some of them could sound a bit better.

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In the post i refer to the “music” as a fully fearured 3 minute piece of music (and I agree that it would be incredibly expensive), but a short 10-15 second looping track for each scenario should be enough. That should fix the cost problem. As for the PVP problem:

The “music” could be on singleplayer worlds only. It is not needed on multiplayer servers, because the player is not alone there. There are other players, and there’s always something going on. The “music” in singleplayer would be there especially to make the world seem less lonely and silent.
Server “music” could be manually turned on by the owner of the server if they wanted it.

AnimaticFreak, I don’t mean to say that your statements are untrue (which they aren’t), but if the topic of an adaptive soundtrack became popular among the Unturned community, it would be nice if those problems could be avoided, even if Nelson would work with many limitations. After all that’s what being an independent developer is like, right?

I’m sure this would still require a licence, not to mention that a loop of music would drive people absolutely insane.
And while sound may not be as important in singleplayer, it still is pretty important, so having music that can possibly mask the actual audio of the game could be risky. Say I am walking in a military base, and the music is playing, if I could hear better I would’ve heard a mega zombie around the corner, but instead, I walk straight by him and lose a lot of health, I would be able to kill the mega zombie under normal circumstances, but instead I bleed out and die.

I am infact in favor of having music in the game, but it has to be handled very carefully, having a loop of music wouldn’t really fix anything but my sanity, and besides, sometimes you don’t really need music, you just need the sounds of the environment, a good example of this would be Half Life. While there is music, it only kicks in when it absolutely needs to, holding back whenever possible.

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Ok, you got me there. I think there’s no point arguing with you. We’ll have to wait and see if Nelson chooses to add more music to the game. It is his game after all.

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