Add animal mounts

have you ever had that feeling that you didnt have enough firepower?,or maybe you have enough firepower but lack of mobility?,or storage,etc,have you ever thought about how useless animals are?,your better off searching for food on the cities than killing animals and cooking them,well i have the solution for you!with this suggestion you can mount machine guns to your animals,imagine having a machine gun firepower with the speed of an elephant etc:(image totally correlated with the suggestion)


you’ve got my approval




good idea human mount

Someone bends over, the other person mounts a gun onto them and starts shooting. 10/10, I think Nelson would approve


this is a great idea, now i can mount heavy machine guns to cows!!!

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bruh , I like your idea but that in not enough what about using animals like ammo like a mounteble machine gun on a fighter jet that fires explosive cows?

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that’s a nice moose

Shame you had to shitpost this much, the underlying idea is not a bad one

What underlying idea, are you referring to?

Animal companions/mounts.

oh look whos here mr.deus

Although the idea in of itself isn’t bad, the execution is what ruins it. Though it’s perfectly possible to put a DShKM machine gun on a donkey, the question is why anyone would do so. For starters, is the gun something that is just attached to the animal (i.e. bipoding), or is it like an attachment?

Either way, I don’t see how this would work out in my head.



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Wait shit I just realized that humans are talking animals…soo does that mean I can mount guns on my friends???

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