Add option to submit a general report

Reddit gives you the option to directly send mail to the moderation team of a subreddit
Why not have the same here? Something of mine was recently removed, and I wouldn’t know anyway to appeal or say something about it unless there was such a button.

Sure, maybe I could create a SDG-group-dm with the mods, but that seems unprofessional, and ontop of that, new people may not know who the mods are.


new users go through tutorials

not as useful as your initial post

This, by no means, is what I’ve suggested.
This is sending a report.
To a single staff member.
That I’m not even sure is the correct one.

Exactly. You could just pm then about a problem

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PM who? The staff member that deleted the content? Great idea considering theres no way to know who did it.

What if you want to ask a general question privately to the staff team instead? Theres a reason Reddit has that button, you know.

you got an answer for this?


The real question is why have the same here.
This is totally excessive as Tophat has said, just pm the staff team.

How? This is a really silly reason to add this feature. Besides, if you have a problem the staff will address it regardless of how professional it seems. You could ask them on a minecraft server and they wouldn’t care. Also if someone can’t tell who the staff are by the big yellow text and “Community Staff” next to their name… Then that’s their problem, not anyone else’s.

So again, DM-ing the staff is the best way to appeal something, adding a new button to over complicate it hardly seems necessary to me.


If you cant see the need for this suggestion, then thats your problem, not ours. :upside_down_face:

Okay well it’s not our problem if you’re too lazy to message a staff member lol


Who the fuck wants this in the first place? I just literally solved our problem. If you cant take the extra amount of time to add 1 extra person and click on the mail icon then we really have a problem.

Send a Message to both Moderators is the exact same thing as what happens on reddit

trust me i did it today when i got banned on r/fortnitebr

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It’s rather unnecessary, dming moderators isn’t unprofessional (Reaver, Molt, and Yarrr all dm’d me and vice versa dozens of times and never had an issue with it that I know about.) And is already a simple process. New members not knowing who is and isn’t staff can be learned in a matter of seconds by scrolling through a thread, seeing a yellow name (similar to green names as Reddit uses) and clicking on their profile to find out how they got that and seeing ‘community moderator’. A new users first interaction probably won’t be a report either so there’s a good chance they’ll eventually learn who our two mods are before they report anything.

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for legal reasons, this is a joke btw


Let me get this straight.
You made a suggestion, people told you why it is pointless in their opionon.
And you asnwer is “lol if you don’t agree that is your problem”?
Sure, letting people know who deleted their post and why when appropiate is a good idea.

If you want to contact the mods privately, you can do so.


I agree, it’s very immature to be so intolerant to criticism, though I think it goes without saying that once again, messaging mods is ultimately the best way to appeal your posts if you think it was unjustly removed. (Again, ironic since this comment was reported, and if mods chose to delete it, I’d just pm them about it anyway, so yeah)