Adding different types of forms of lore besides Notes in 4.0

So far, I think that Unturned’s lore is pretty interesting. I just think that it needs more bits or variety!

I think that there should be like Audio tapes (Nelson could use text 2 speech or pixelated sounds) from Bendy and the Ink Machine. I think it would think that these should be rare. The player can look for them around the map (especially underground). Which would play as a stereo.

Another form of lore can be like surveillance footage from security offices. When a player finds an interactive computer or tablet (just by pressing E) it will show a video. The video can be like a short animated clip or a blurry and static-filled low-quality footage of people turning into zombies (which will support the lore about the infection).

Another form of lore should also be descriptions on specific items. For example, the teddy bear (Non-craftable decorative and placeable item) would actually have a description that says “This teddy bear was once owned by an unspecified girl that got infected, killed or currently survives in the apocalypse”. Which shows a sign which could prove that the girl is possibly from a different map or in a specific location.

Other more forms of lore can be like text that are written on a wall with paint or fresh blood (Idea from Apocalypse rising’s Patient Zero), item that can be dropped from a mega or dialog from a wondering NPCs that are selling stuff to other survivors or just scavenging for loot.


if he adds audio tapes he better add a secret one of him singing


along the category of notes it would be nice if the visuals of them would vary (i.e newspaper article regarding humanitarian efforts or book describing a diary or journal)


preferably Rick Rolling the players.


I think this is a great idea. It would also be cool to see more journal snippets from survivors who have traveled through the area. These should be generic enough to exist in any map but tell a survival story that ends well…or badly. There should be several ‘threads’ used to fill out the lore.


In these videos there could also be disturbing sounds like screeching,rawrs,yelling or distorted voices.(I will soon make a post covering what those will be)


You really don’t have to. it’s probably better to keep those conversation all on one post anyways.

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Rick-Roll!!! O-M-GEEE that is so L.A.S.E.R.

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How about radio (something like in project zomboid)? For example: you can repair radio towers, then recharge radio (or put batteries in it) and then look for some news

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Could put some notes on zombies…

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I’ll like to see hints of how life was like beforehand, and maybe some investigative journalism shortly before it happened.

(Like big J exposed note)

And some of the initial reactions, like Newspapers “String of unexplained disappearances”, “White, Black, Green?” And "Water supply tainted, do not drink, repeat!)

And have a few radios repeat emergency messages, exa.

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Well,here I go I guess.

I recently played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of chernobyl and I REALLY liked it.
So I thought,what if 4.0 had some scary and dangerous mutants except from zombies?
These will basically be failed Scorpion 7 experiments that are now loose due to the apocalypse.

Here is an idea:

The Siren

This creature is a black humanoid figure without a head.Due to its color it is really difficult to spot at night.However when you are near it,your screen starts shaking,similarly to the effect when you have low health,consequently hinting you its nearby.This creature does not pose a direct threat to the player,but when it spots you,she (yes it’s a female,or at least it was) releases an ear piercing screech that slows your movement and attracts ALL the zombies in the location you are,and orders them to attack you.The most effective weapon against her is a sniper rifle,or at least something with range(obviously).You may ask,“Why do I want to kill it when it does not pose a direct threat to me,can’t I just hide from it?” and the answer is first off yes and secondly no.The Siren has an insane spotting range and she can hear or see you easily.When you kill all her “Servant zombies”,she will try to flee.If you manage to kill her,she drops a special material called [ERROR 404,no creativity found] that if you obtain it you are able to continue to the game’s lore (access a location that otherwise you would not be able to).

Connection to the post I am replying to:
You are able to find audio recordings and/or footage with the Siren showing/screeching in them,and notes from Scorpion 7 scientists and survivors encountering her,hinting you to keep your eyes peeled.

Of course there would be other mutants in the game,but I am letting that job to your imagination guys :wink:

I really want unturned to have a bit of a horror or mystery aesthetic.


inb4 tons of SCP memes mocking this idea

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Kind of deserves it to be honest

In conculsion, I think it would be best if Nelson add the ideas I just posted or not.

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