Adding Turkish and Many Languages

Nelson we TT team as the Turkish language pack is constantly updated to the game and we want to make it the official language you constantly update this package and send you this language pack officially share in steam

There is a lot of Turkish players we want a game in Turkish, we are preparing this package

We will be glad if you make a positive or negative feedback

if you add a language option to the game people will be able to make their own language packs

what i want from you is i and my team want to translate unturned 4.x

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You can already translate 3.X and publish language packs.
I do not think any of these are getting oficially publihsed, nor do I think that tht is really necessary.

Personally I think releasing te game in english only is fine, since you have no business playing multiplayer games if you do not at least understand basic english but that is just me. If it was Singleplyer focused, sure.

Also, maybe link to the mod?

You do realize that video games have servers in countries that don’t have English as a main language right. People should still have the option to have things said in their own language. If they decide to primarily play on English-speaking servers that’s their problem though.

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Thank you for the advice but there are very few people who spoke English in Turkey and that may increase the playability of the game in different countries in different languages

yes you are right but a nice game like unturned should support more languages eg Russian

I can see where you are coming from, and by all means I think they should have the option to get it in their own langauge.
it should however not be expected of a dev like Nelson to trasnlate it. I think porting the translation system from 3.X to II will be plenty.

That is a yikes from me

It does, people just need to get their language packs


Curated language packs are not possible with how U3 is currently, so the defaut language would just be the curated language and people would have to install an English localization mod instead.

That’s not ideal, and I’d normally just say that the solution would be to improve the modding experience, but that’s a lot of dev time to really make better.

The only change I ever see happening regarding localizations in U3 is that Nelson could make a dedicated menu for switching localizations, and each time you used it it’d have to reload the (whole?) game.

Localizations in the list would just pull from mods you already have downloaded, as curating specific localizations seems silly when it discourages that specific community from making a potentially-better unofficial version. Instead, it’ll just have a button that links to the Workshop.

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I liked how you wanna support Unturned by translating it to Turkish and help other people who does not speak English in your contrary , but you know that some languages may are harder to translate
As of an Example Arabic : hard because it’s written for the right to left and every character has it’s own shapes and it’s changes when you put a character in the begging of the word and the end and middle of the word
And also if you tried to write Arabic normally in a computer does not support Arabic
It will go from this
السلام عليكم
To this (i have written like this to get the idea , normally you wouldn’t see any space)
م ل ا س ل ا م ك ي م
Which makes it almost impossible to read but now most computers support it

And I found a way before couple of months on how to right arabic in program that does not support Arabic
Which is a website called photo shop write in arabic (i am not sponsoring)
And the reason this was made is for the people who wanna write in arabic but not in the middle east version (which is as they said it’s the version that’s supports Arabic)

If you never mind can you send me a screen shot in where is the location of localization file

I could try to translate into Arabic if that’s possible

(Edit 1: I didn’t thought I would write long like that :point_up_2:)

Thank you for your answer Unturned 4.x language support is added

Thank you for your answer Unturned 4.x language support is added.

We want to publish Turkish translation for nelson u2

Is there a reason you put this in #unturned and not #unturned-4?

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