Adrenaline boost

When we are in danger our body releases adrenaline, it temporarily improves our physical attributes like strength, speed and agility, my idea in the game is that the adrenaline serves as a help when we players go through some danger, so the adrenaline can be activated are needed some requirements, be at least 70% of the hunger and thirst bar complete, be at 30% or less on the life bar and be in danger, in shootings or being chased or being attacked by the turneds, the effect of adrenaline are, 20% increase in strength, speed and agility based on character attributes, the effect lasts 30 seconds,There will be a bar next to the energy bar indicating how much is needed for the effect to be used again, however you can use the adrenaline up to 3 times in a row with the help of the adrenaline syringes, using the adrenaline in injection does not require anything, however use more 3 injections in a row will kill you, it is not possible to use the natural adrenaline soon after using the injection, even having all the requirements.


How about no.


@Yarrrr How about maybe?


no thanks :wave:

While I find adrenaline cool in theory, your suggested conditions for adrenaline feel very arbitrary. Admittedly, a lot of game’s have mechanics with otherwise arbitrary conditions, but I don’t feel like this adds anything.

I don’t think it’s giving the player an interesting/fun solution to a problem, it’s just forcing them to be a little bit better. Doesn’t really seem like a fun mechanic, and it doesn’t feel like the player really deserves it either.

I do appreciate trying to rework the medical item though, since it (and Morphine) are currently rather garbage.

If I was to suggest something like this I’d probably do two things with it:

  • Introduce a “sanity” mechanic, and make adrenaline a minor part of it
  • Make the adrenaline item give more physical boosts to the player (like you’ve implied)

Finally, a critique of their motives, as well as suggestions on how to improve. @MoltonMontro

I can see a fight or felx refelx being a thing, giving you a a oercintile chance to either start hsaking/tensing up or going full robot mode. The percentage would increase the longer yu life and/or with skills.

Could your suggestion also include steroids and affictions and other stuff like that? :slight_smile:

Also I think this would be interesting with other mecanics… you know mechanics that fit the game and are balanced and so on :smiley: but thats not my problem to eorry about or to explain or anything :smiley:

It may be a good idea

I think Adrenaline might be interesting as a mechanic which activates when a player takes damage but cannot be activated again by further damage although I don’t know if the best way to implement this would be a cooldown.
The Adrenaline would give you a short burst of speed and strength (melee damage bonus)
This would let you either kill or flee a turned who managed to get too close.
It would also give you a chance to run for cover when attacked by another player with a gun.
My idea here is that it would make running away a more viable option. I don’t think this would really solve anything when it comes to adrenaline needles themselves since having to inject them takes away from the purpose of the adrenaline which is giving you a buff so you can better react to the danger.

Perhaps it would happen when your on low health and there are a lot of zombies everywhere.

Drugs are for weak

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